A keyset or chorded keyboard is a computer input device that allows the user to enter characters or commands formed by. GKOS on the open source Arduino microcontroller: Want to try a virtual GKOS keyboard on iPhone, Android, MeeGo/Harmattan or Windows Phone?. Edit Site. edit this panel · edit top menu. How to type on a GKOS keyboard. You can try GKOS typing here:

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Chorded keyboard

Each key is essentially a shift key so that with ten keys, there are ten single keystrokes and dozens of two and three key combinations.

This keyboard can easily be used to type on your iPhone while you are walking. It was originally introduced in the early s by Handykey and is currently being produced by Tek Gear Tek Gear acquired Handykey on April 30, This design philosophy was decided on to lower the cost of building devices, and in turn lower the entry barrier to becoming familiar with chorded keyboards.

Do NOT use while you are driving a car or riding a bike! If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. As the number of keys is low the button areas can be made bigger and easier to hit on the small screen.


The keys were mapped as follows: CyKey pronounced sai-ki is named after the Microwriter chord system’s co-inventor Cy Endfieldwho died in but the name also reflects its intuitive nature. By pressing two or more keys together the user can generate many combinations. SureType Telephone 9-key E.

‎Chorded Keyboard – GKOS on the App Store

As with every conventional phone, it is possible to write a text message or email without looking on the screen. An example of this is an email address or address block can be typed by pressing just one chord.

Engelbart used keyboarx keyset with his left hand and the mouse with his right to type text and enter commands. Improve Reading with Rhymes: In Engelbart’s original mapping, he used five keys: Another early commercial model was the six-button Microwriterdesigned by Cy Endfield and Chris Rainey, and first sold in Many stenotype users can reach words per minute.

Views Read Edit View history. No memorizing of characters needed except for the iPhone versionall is shown on the keys! Another keyboarc is to have virtual GKOS keys positioned towards the sides of a touch sensitive screen.

Chorded keyboard – Wikipedia

The BAT is a 7-key hand-sized device from Infogrip, and has been vkos since This GKOS for thumbs has additional keys to enable all combos by only one keypress per hand.

See also the on-screen virtual keyset at Teague Labs. Test the GKOS concept on your browser: Practice keybord the keyboard is slow and difficult and the help function is not useful for someone wanting to find a key combination. Pressing down on one of the dimples would cause either one, two or three of the hexagonal buttons to be depressed at the same time, forming a chord that would be unique to that symbol.


Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Chords are not limited to single keystrokes – multiple keystrokes can be sent with a single chord press. However, stenographers typically train for three years before reaching professional levels of speed and accuracy.

GKOS Keyboard

This avoids complex chords while providing enough keystrokes for efficient typing and allows for some unique implementations such as typing with gloves or on a steering wheel. The usefulness of this chorded keyboard app is limited by the advertizement taking up a large area ,eyboard connected via wifi.

How to join this site? There is an Android keyboard application ComboKey Plus enabling e. It is proposed for the hand which does not hold the mouse, in an exact continuation of Engelbart’s kejboard.