GNLD Super Gro The Wonderful Natural Liquid Fertilizer Super Gro, as the name suggests, is the most wonderful natural liquid fertilizer ever. Super Gro is a natural liquid fertilizer which was developed to ensure the enhancement of your crops and agricultural productivity both in. GNLD’s Super Gro, Super 10 Wonder Drops for % Harvests A Special Formula for Plants, Animals, Lawns, and Gardens GNLD Super Gro.

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July 25, at 9: It promotes uniform growth of fish. It is user-friendly, environment-friendly and nature-friendly.

Safe to use indoors and outdoors. I am currently using only super-grow. In the Fish ponds, euper boosts the growth of the micro plants that serve as Fish food the algae.

Super Gro GNLD

Super Gro contains the following minerals: Super Gro being natural does not have chemicals that could leave any harmful residue on the soil, unlike other gnd of fertilizers… It does not adversely alter soil pH. Plant Fertilizer March 8, August 5, at Dear Tosic Follow this link to register https: August 22, at 9: Insect infestations destroy plant health, quality of leaf production and fruit production. March 7, at Drought or otherwise, we should always try to get the most efficient use from water.


Lets use it for that as for now.

Water, good quality water, is an issue of such importance that governments, states, provinces and major suburban areas around the world have gnd agencies to ensure its long-term availability. Super Gro from GNLD helps you make the most use of water – water, one of the basic fundamentals of life itself – for without water’s life giving force, no living organism can survive, let alone grow. Hi am amigo from Cameroon I want to know how to apply super grow because some people say u can apply only on the root it that true.

GNLD Super Gro |

You mix your fertiliser as usual. You are commenting using your WordPress. Am interested in using Super Gro on coffee and fruit trees. No wonder, Super Gro helps you make the most use of water: November 16, at ngld Advantages to Agricultural Animals and Fishes 1. I want to know if it can be use every week? If i apply super grow alongside the fertilizers, do i have to apply more.

Adjuvants are agents designed to aid in substances’ gnle.

June 22, at 6: It enables farmers save a lot of money – a minimum input produces maximum output maximum yield. Water thus penetrates deeper than under normal circumstances without Super Gro. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For more information and to purchase click here. I am supee tomato farmer.


Facts about Super Gro | healthylifekenya

It increases plant and crop yields – increased maximum production is assured. Specifically formulated to be effective, economical and versatile.

September 9, at 5: There is no documented use of Super Gro as a poultry production input. Safe to use indoors and outdoors. K but works well when mixed with your NPK or other crop aids. Well,which catigory YES not four leged animals BUT in poutry production to get read of diseases and also in Fish production to fertilise the fish pond and promotes the groth of phyprankton responsible for oxygen fixation in water,to have clean and to have uniform grow of fish.

We shall be your sponsors in this case. August 8, at 3: Super Gro is a product of GNLD, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human and plants. June 22, at 3: Because it is rain sjper a daily basis nowadays.