Gold-warriorsst. frontcover. Gold Warriors. America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold. by Peggy Seagrave and Sterling Seagrave . In , US intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in. The explanation offered in the Seagraves’ book is considerably more .. Gold Warriors is easily the best guide available to the scandal of.

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As Roland Kelts discovered through interviews with the authors, it is a tale as disturbing as they insist it is well-founded.

In the months preceding the invasion of Iraq in earlyBush administration officials proclaimed that the United States would do for the Middle Eastern nation what it had done for Japan seafrave than 50 years before: The gross oversimplification was roundly demolished by critics across the political warriofs.

But not so by author Sterling Seagrave who, with wife and co-author Peggy, has published nine books on Asia and Japan and their relations with the West. Tomoyuki Yamashita, the Japanese commander in the Philippines, oversaw the burial of vast amounts of bullion, jewels and other loot that the Imperial Japanese Army had pillaged, mainly from Taiwan, China, Korea and the Philippines. Sagrave was notified of the discovery, the Seagraves were told, and he and other senior U.

Then, allegedly with U.

The Looting of Asia

Additionally, the fact that the U. Freedom of Information laws, strongly suggests to many scholars and historians that there is something serious to hide. On the surface, the story the Seagraves recount is arrestingly simple. In a use-it-or-lose-it scenario, that year MacArthur and his SCAP team changed tack from their initial, liberal approach to changing Japan and instead began turning it into a capitalist bulwark against communism, as well as a vital military base.


In addition, the Seagraves contend that MacArthur proceeded to establish secret trusts around the globe — the most famous of which became known as the Black Eagle Trust, or the M-Fund, which was named, they say, after U.

These trusts, they state with detailed supporting data, were initially used to bribe Japanese political leaders, and later for other uses in tune with the shifting priorities of U.

The notion that the Occupation of Japan midway underwent a radical transformation from a reform-oriented agenda to an anti-communist one is not new.

The late Norbert A. Seagfave Tett, an author and former Financial Times correspondent in Japan, is more lugubrious, telling writer David McNeill in an interview this spring: There is a fabulously interesting web of intrigue, but the real story for me is: Why have the conditions been laid for so many conspiracies to flourish?

Secrecy, lying and corruption have become the official seal of Tokyo and Washington. Not just that, but she adds: While Moore pops up in New York theaters to greet audiences and on CNN to defend his positions, the Seagraves are in hiding somewhere in Europe — a life-saving necessity, they say. Appropriately, both Sterling and Peggy Seagrave have biographies that mark them as wanderers and seekers.

Gold Warriors

Sterling traces his roots to a family of missionaries who first left Massachusetts for Burma inand stayed on to serve as teachers and doctors. I recall it vividly. For her part, Peggy says that her father was a civilian engineer for the U.

Professionally, Sterling spent four years reporting and editing at The Washington Post wsrriors heading back to Asia in the s, from where he contributed freelance stories to newspapers and magazines, made documentary films — and became obsessed with China and Mme.

It also resulted in his first death threat, he says.

Nonetheless, Sterling admits that he and Peggy stumbled upon gold of a literary kind: Because of the intimate Marcos involvement wxrriors [yakuza godfather and CIA employee] Yoshio Kodama in making recoveries of war loot in the Philippines, we had to investigate that aspect of his life, and the role of Ferdinand and Imelda [Marcos] in moving black gold into banks in Europe, Asia and America.


Essentially, we had to go back to square one, with the looting of Korea, bold inand come forward painstakingly. Having produced the book, the Seagraves firmly believe that postwar Japan can be understood as a coconspirator in one of the most far-reaching scams of modern history — with its partner, seagravbeing the oligarchs running the U.

But the Seagraves are no Japan-bashers. With few exceptions, Japan is commonly cast as an uber-contemporary and weird circus nation, or as a hopelessly arcane, opaque and distant land. Between the two poles, charges of corruption and cronyism often flourish.

Gold Warriors by Peggy Seagrave, Sterling Seagrave | : Books

Far from on the brink of bankruptcy at the end of World War II, Japan, the Seagraves argue, merely had its postwar wealth consolidated and contained among the elite, largely through the maneuverings of Gen.

MacArthur and his cronies, both Japanese and American. But the United States, at seagrzve according to Sterling, is rapidly heading in the opposite direction. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: Chief winemaker Peter Gago spoke abou Artists of various genres representi Bilingual boarding wareiors in Japan A presentation for Jinseki Warroors School, scheduled to open in Aprilwill be held in the gallery of The Japan Times’ Kioicho office in Tokyo from 3 p.