The Gracie Combatives course is comprised of 36 lessons covering the core techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Completion of the lessons and mastery of the. Please indicate if you also have other bjj training. I’m interested in the combatives stuff and just want to hear some opinions. Little Champs (ages ) | Tuesday and Thursday | pm. Jr. Grapplers ( ages ) | Monday and Thursday | pm. Combatives (Beginner Adults) .

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My Experience with both Gracie Combatives and Sport BJJ

I do agree that at the beggining, rolling should not be that important, I do feel like teaching teachnique and doing situational rolling is more important than free rolling Nov 26, Messages: I feel that this is a really inefficient way of learning.

Obviously the other side of this is that since you do not spar until later in the game you are not learning as quickly maybe this is partially balanced by time out for injuries? Log in or Sign up. In my experience you are usually exposed to too many techniques in too short a period to really learn much or build any reflexes. BJJ practitioners are much less likely to make a novice type of mistake. Will BJJ techniques still work for self defense?

If they do it will have to be way to expensive for most people to afford. May 9, Messages: You wrote this article to make yourself feel better about cokbatives at a combatives school because you have been getting womped on at tournaments by “sport bjj” players. They have reactions to counter your technique and balance and the BJJ techniques take those reactions into account.

  ABNT 6022 PDF

A lot of this doesn’t reflect my personal experience in training. Gracie Combatives techniques are great if you take them for what they were designed to do. My that was a confusing sentence.

CommissarJul 25, I think the studen has to has at least the most basic concepts down before starting to roll, such as what is a guard DevinTheDewdJul 24, I thought I would share clmbatives experiences and opinion since periodically someone will come on the board, ask questions, and get some very combatievs sided answers from people who really have no experience with both.

How many of you have been injured multiple times or re-injured and had to take some significant time off training? Apr 9, Messages: Without someone watching and catching your mistakes you will probably just think you’re doing great, but really it could be better. I know that I have had to take months off because of injuries. Against someone who knows BJJ some of the Combatives work Trap and Rollothers become irrelevant punch block seriesand other still will not work on them at all this version of elevator sweep.

I doubt that any BJJ instructor is going to have the time or means to make a set nearly as detailed as the Combatives. It could be that you just found a club which doesn’t drill much.

I think that it is what really sets this martial art aside from others. Though right now at GB premiun, rookies are not suppous to roll befero 3 or 4 months I’m glad I go to a school that teaches sport and self defense BJJ so I don’t have to deal with this crap haha.


Schedule|Pricing – Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

That being said I agree with many that it would be very difficult to learn on your own from the beginning without a good instructor. They are not meant for sport competition, but they are still the original Gracie techniques as taught by Helio not all of them, 36 of them to be exact. That combined with class would be a great combo. The Gracie Combatives are really just a selection of the original self defense techniques taught by Helio and are not designed to be used against someone who knows BJJ.

McA and Coconutwater like this. The KJul 24, It cannot be, it covers many techniques in only 2 dvds. PotentialJul 24, That would make you much more likely to continue your journey in jiu jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has gone through a metamorphosis and has been adapted to fit the current competition environment. That is not what they are designed for. They spend as much as 30 minutes to one hour on a single lesson including explanation, demonstration, details, and drills.

To really get technique clean and crisp you have to drill, drill, drill, drill I dont like how it seems to reccomend training graciie an instructor.