Series Title: Publication (United States Catholic Conference. Office of Publishing and Promotion Services), no. Other Titles: Gratissimam sane. role, excluding it from its rightful position in society, would be to inflict grave harm on the authentic growth of society as a whole” (Gratissimam Sane, , no . John Paul II’s Letter to Families – A Summary. Last edited 25th May John Paul II’s Letter to Families – A Summary. In , Pope John Paul II.

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In the Gospel, Christ, disputing with the Pharisees, quotes these same words and then adds: In particular, responsible fatherhood and motherhood directly concern the moment in which a man and a woman, uniting themselves “in one flesh”, can become parents.

Some rights refer to the family, others to life cf. There is not even a minimal opposition between love among spouses, that is due reciprocally, and being instruments of God’s love in procreation. Its public and political dimensions, central in social life, have to be preserved. L’Osservatore Romano is the newspaper of the Holy See.

Letter to families : John Paul II.

Honour, at its very centre, is connected with the virtue of justice, but the latter, for its part, cannot be explained fully without reference to love: His words are well known to those who, with deep insight into the events of the present time, expect that the Church will not only not abandon “sound doctrine”, but will proclaim it with renewed vigour, seeking in today’s “signs of the times” the incentive and insights which can lead to a deeper understanding of her teaching.

Even when they entrust these responsibilities to ecclesiastical institutions or to schools administered by religious personnel, their educational presence ought to continue to be constant and active. Citations are based on reference standards.


The person is and must be nothing other than the end of every act. To be convinced that this is the case, one need only look at certain sexual education programmes introduced into the schools, often notwithstanding the disagreement and even the protests of many parents; or pro-abortion tendencies which vainly try to hide behind the so-called “right to choose” “pro-choice ” on the part of both spouses, and in gratssimam on the part of the woman.

In marriage man and woman are gratissimzm firmly united as to become—to use the words of the Book of Genesis—”one flesh” Gen 2: The acceptance and education of children—two of the primary ends of the family—are conditioned by how that commitment will be fulfilled.

‘Pope of the Family’ | Fathers for Good

Hence, at the beginning of his mission, we find Jesus at Cana in Galilee, taking part in a wedding banquet, together with Mary and with the first disciples cf.

This concise expression is profoundly rich in meaning.

At this point the Letter to Families treats the Charter of the Rights of the Familydatedwhich maintains its ardent relevance. Gratissimam Sanen. English Gratissomam all editions and formats Rating: In this way the self-giving and encounter of bodies and spirits are replaced by dehumanizing technical advances, in the drama of those who desire a child as if it were a right at all cost.

They deserve this because they are alive, because they are who they are, and this is true from the first moment of their conception. The more common the good, the more properly one’s own it will also be: The Church prays that the forces of the “civilization of love”, which have their source in the love of God, will be triumphant.


In gratiwsimam way he also revealed the true meaning of human education. The family is in the midst of a decisive combat for a humanity with a face that is, we repeat, human.

There is no other power and no other wisdom by which you, parents, can educate both your children and yourselves. One must go to what is central, essential. In affirming that the spouses, as parents, cooperate with God the Gratissimam in conceiving and giving birth to a new human being, we are not speaking merely with reference to the laws of biology.

‘Pope of the Family’

This call is not only open to what exists in time, but in God it is also open to eternity. It could be said that here we encounter the loftiest definition of man: Is this not what Christ proclaims in “his” commandment? At times it appears that concerted efforts are being made to present as “normal” and attractive, and even to glamourize, situations which are in fact “irregular”. With good reason, then, the Church asks during the Rite of Marriage: Just as the person is a subject, so too is the family, since it is made up of persons, who, joined together by a profound bond of communion, form a single communal subject.

God hands man over to himself, entrusting him both to his family and to society as their responsibility.