Greenmantle has ratings and reviews. Jayaprakash said: I first read this book when I was 10 or It was a library copy, borrowed from the Kod. Greenmantle () by John Buchan · Chapter 1→. Book 2 in the Richard Hannay series. It is one of two Hannay novels set during the First. I suffered from acute asthma as a child. Until I was 11 or so, there was no effective medication for the ailment, so I spent a fair bit of time off.

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The end is tremendous. Hilda von Einem arrives, and appeals to them to give up, but they refuse; she is shocked to learn Sandy is a British officer, and as she leaves, she is slain by a stray Russian shell.

A warning from the past that the BBC does not want us to hear

Buchan was able to write Greenmantle with some authority because he was himself both a soldier and a greennmantle. Preview — Greenmantle by John Buchan. There must be trials and separations and coming-togethers and skills shared and friendships forged. He does, however, keep all of the coincidences on the right side of possibility. Lost out riding, Hannay encounters von Einem, and is fascinated by her; later, he is recognised by Rasta Bey, and has just knocked bucha out and hidden him in a cupboard when von Einem arrives.

Greenmantle – Wikipedia

Stylistically, Greenmantle greenmantke sort of like reading Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom but without all the metaphysical mumbo jumbo and excruciating detail. We get epic action, thunderous war, the whole world balanced in the scales, our heroes in the middle of things.


It’s very Indiana Jones. And think of the men with wives and children and homes that were the biggest things in life to them. An involved plot that drags spy Hannay across half of Europe and into Turkey, with one identity after another.

Blenkiron joins them, and tells them that fighting has hotted up between the Russians and the Turks, and they deduce that they will be taken towards Erzerum to help with its defence. Finally, there’s one more hurdle for contemporary audiences: This is my first foray into the spy genre. Through the novel he reimagines the war, especially in the east, and ends up creating something of an alternate history. Green,antle what Germany has is the unknown factor, and greehmantle up to Hannay to figure it out.

He was turbaned and rode like one possessed, and against the snow I caught the dark sheen of emerald. Geeenmantle an alternate present or near future, which is by alternate history. Hannay is bucahn running across one or another of his fellow adventurers at opportune moments — in an obscure town on the banks of the Danube, for example.

Now, the spymaster he encountered in that earlier book, Sir Walter Bullivant, sends for Hannay and asks again for his help. As an espionage novel it’s quite good and an enjoyable read.

The main action in the book concentrates on fictional events leading up to and climaxing with the Russian offensive at Erzurum the following year. The exotic settings in Germany, Hungary, and Turkey add another layer of intrigue. By the end of the War he was head of the War Propaganda Bureau.

Over the years my habit has been to read compulsively, bingeing on stories and authors I love; reading and rereading them, obsessed as any addict in a smoke-filled Limehouse den.


Hannay is taken upstairs by von Stumm to his private apartment. One further side note: Appleyard’s Kitchen didn’t mind staying up to keep an eye on some long cooking dish because she could reread either Greenmantle or Mr.

The enemy is once more the German secret service, but this time, they are even more devilishly cunning in their planning, and the stakes are even higher. The “simplicity of the bcuhan is usurped by “the simplicity of the madman that grinds down all the contrivances of civilisation”.

Now he is called into action once again, this time by the Foreign Office. In the very front, now nearing the city ramparts, was one man. The Great Game and the Great War, ” which covers the same events that the greemnantle in the Greenmantle partake in.

Greenmantle (Richard Hannay #2) by John Buchan

The Leeds Grand Mosque, for example, is, so far as I know, a mainstream institution. People escape death in the most unlikely ways every day. You can read more book reviews or buy Greenmantle by John Buchan at Amazon. To help him, Hannay has a small dedicated band.


During the past year, in the intervals of an active life, I have amused myself with constructing this tale. Greenmqntle Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. Public domain Public domain false false. I put myself well into that ignorance camp.