The answers are by Buddhist priest Gudo Wafu Nishijima. 1. What is gained in Zazen? What we gain in Zazen is the balance of the autonomic nervous system. : To Meet the Real Dragon (): Gudo Nishijima, Jeffrey Bailey: Books. Master Gudo Nishijima has been practicing Buddhism for more than sixty years. He was a student of Master Kodo Sawaki, an itinerant priest famous for his.

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In practicing Zazen for getting the truth, it is so important for us to get the true Master. Therefore if the Buddhist practice was done for getting fame or profit, it has been done just to get fame or profit, and then we should think that those practice were done for getting fame or profit, and it does never have any relation with nisbijima the truth.

Before the seeds, there are fruits before them, And there is no extinction, further more no eternity. For trial, reflect on your own mind, which has fallen down into the selfish mind or the greedy mind to get some profits. Perception is perfectly different from the Individual Soul. Because the so-called enlightenment is just a Romantic nishiima, which many children love.

Universal Existence can manifest itself even without Coexistence. Result exists also relying upon the Inclusive Grasp, Therefore how is it possible for the Inclusive Grasp to be born newly?

Dogen Sangha Blog

However, transcending their personal difference, to hit the target by making their autonomic nervous system balanced is just the enlightenment, and such a situation is called “SATORI. There is never any kind of extinction, and there is never any kind of eternity.

And then, they, the eight kinds of people and personalities, are also too.

And those two Ideas can never attached to any Fact at all. How about mountains, rivers, and the Earth? We should know such kinds of sad situations without fail. Recently in our human societies, we can notice the historical facts, that the training in sports, performaces in music or drama, the very big scale of scientific experiments, or fieldworks, and I think that such kinds of historical tendencies suggest that the human civilization has become entered into the very gorgeous and sunny age of Realism already.


Tim McCarthy my first Zen teacher And when we think whether Buddhism is the Truth, or not, what Gautama Buddha taught us is the Truth, or not, is the very important problem.

Gudo Nishijima | ZEN BUDDHISM

Or do I just sit not focusing on any thing, just letting everything come and go? The Buddhist Truth is just only one Truth, which transcends both being easy and being difficult. Those are corpuscles of light, a mirage, or a sleep, and the similarities. When I was asked from someone ‘Why do you do zazen? Mind, will, consciousness, and wisdom make our life continuous, but it is not clear what is called the breath of exhalation and inhalation in conclusion. When Reason is in the balanced autonomic nervous system relying upon the result, How is it necessary for us to dig up any kind of cause for such a state intentionally?

It is said that a person himself or herself exists with their Souls together, But where is it possible to exist such fact even in future?

To live in both Action and Delusion are just emancipations, And it is true for Action and Delusion to manifest them reciprocally. Some kinds of Basis, that is the Basic Wandering, create combinations.

Gudo Nishijima Roshi Answers 30 Short Questions on Buddhism

What we should know when we practice Zazen. Nishijmia I think that it might be possible for us to call those many kinds of expressions of the mind totally with the title of Bodaishin, or the Will to the Truth.

The consciousness, in which any kind of idea does not occur at the present moment, or the consciousness, in which the three thousands of miscellaneous things and phenomena appear really, is just the splendid act, which manifests itself after establishing the will to the truth.


But in the case of the Autonomic Nervous System it is perfectly unrecognizable. It is just to hit the target, and so it is nevr a new trial.

Where is it possible for result not to exist really nishijmia all? Even in many countries, which are eastern than China, the verbal nets of Buddhist teachings have spread over the sea and on mountains pervasively. Or do I focus on any stillness that might appear between my thoughts? Therefore, when we want to enter into Buddhist teachings, if we threw away even the one of the two, it nkshijima absolutely impossible for us to realize the Truth just at the present moment.

And in another case, there are some kinds of another group, where they revere their own ideas first, and then they open some Buddhist Sutras, and they remember one or two words from the Stras, and utilizing those words they insist that what they have slightly memorized is just the Buddhist teachings. A Buddhist monk asked Master Joshu Jushin. When even the smallest volume of the five kinds of substances do never appear at all, Even the smallest volume of Reality Arrival does never exist at all.

It does not exist yudo the perfectly same situations, But there are cases, in noshijima so many delusions have gathered together actually.

The fact, which exists here, as it is, does nishijia come only for passing. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.