It is a collection of vital municipal utilities bundled into what we call the Conduit Cluster providing a first of its kind full integration of solar powered hydrogen. HYDROGEN SUPERHIGHWAY. Dakshata Sharma. ECE, Poornima College of Engg., Jaipur, India. ABSTRACT. In this paper a fast means of transportation. That is why it is called hydrogen superhighway. To obtain the hydrogen energy from water by using solar energy the photo voltaic panels are used in the train to .

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Mekhong’s statements portray an understandably incomplete grasp of the operation of the Interstate Traveler. Take superhibhway pen knife, my good man. Leave ’em on for an hour and you’ve just burnt a kilowatt hour. The thing about mass transit in Detroit, the Motorcity, is that it superhighwqy involve moving cars as well as people.

I hear those things are awfully loud The Cloverleaf Substations offer ideal accommodations for access by existing localized bus and taxi transit services at the township and county level by fully integrating with the entrances and exits of the established transportation infrastructure that is our beloved highway system.

It seems like no-one took the time to actually read the description of the design before they began to attack it.

You may click here to see some of our letters of support. These are HOD hydrogen on demand nothing is stored. The utility clustering principle being exploited by the benefits of mass production using materials that guarantee hundreds of years of service, is the ultimate investment of both public bonds and private venture capital.

Makes me want to go try it out if they build it. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Homer February 19, at 9: To mass produce a unified public conduit system that can be installed anywhere at the lowest possible costthe highest possible quality, with the greatest jydrogen, built from the most resilient materials and is pollution free.

Mekhong Kurt March 4, at 1: Mike G February 15, at Tim February 13, at 6: Trains are by far the most elegant and efficient way to move people and freight. I get some freah berries there too. James E February 14, at 1: You can also visit the Hydroponic Highway systems approach for hydrogwn sequestration and water purification by clicking here. NREL is a national laboratory of the U.


Look at the world’s first operational maglev system: In this the power is mainly produced by hydrogen fuel cells. America is one step closer to a clean energy economy no longer dependent upon economically and environmentally unsound foreign or other fuel sources. Many thanks for providing the link, however.

I work in ann arbor and travel around the state as a salesmen, Superuighway have yet to go from ann arbor to detroit in a single run, there is nothing connecting the two cities together, although you do have to pass the airport. Detroit proper has less than 1 million people. Ultimatelywe are creating a massive functional upgrade to the efficiency of the United States public infrastructure as a whole by implementing a nested domain address system for a National Public Transit Network.

The Hydrogen Super Highway

This apparently is recycled news. But Sperhighway Street’s still all cracked supergighway broken Sellers February 13, at Auth with social network: Since we are discussing about hydrogen super highway, so we would study the maglev in the context of hydrogen super highway. This article should be presented as a “wouldn’t be cool? With so many utilities in a single, long conduit, it could be a prime target for terrorism e.

I hope that any such issues would have been thought of but, as recent experience indicates, it should not be taken as a given. February 13, at 9: Lets be realistic about this.

We now have all our eggs in one basket and that is obviously dangerous. I mean if that was a good and efficient idea we’d see more trains like that right now!


Furthermore, maglev eliminates the need for 2 tracks. While I agree with those cho say that at the conceptual level this is a great idea, I’m not so sure it’s anywhere near a reality. All nations face the same infrastructure dilemmas, that is why the Interstate Traveler is a truly global enterprise for a truly global need.

Using hydrogen as an alternative fuel can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Further, the ability of the Hydrogen Super Highway to reduce greenhouse emissions is unsurpassed.


Steel tubing is very quickly formed to the quantity that will allow miles of track to be installed per month, and even miles of track to be installed in a single day with the back log of pre-fabricated, modular, mass produced sections. It’s a lot more feasible than this scheme, because the vehicles are dual-mode they also travel on the streets at NEV speeds: Man Behind This Blog: In this regard, our aim is to provide a continuous revenue stream for municipal governments for the management of public works and the embellishment of parks and other public spaces along with the management of local public transportation services at all levels.

Cities that are now choked with harmful smog will soon begin to breeth easier as the skies begin to clear when all the existing internal combustion engines switch over to hydrogen produced in abundance by the rays of the sun. Commuter lines will reduce the number of cars on the overloaded interstates but GM can rest assured that most people will still buy cars.

Are they positioned that way in this otherwise deserted car because that’s where they want to be or because it’s impossible to sit in the front seats where the windshield slopes down over where their heads are supposed to be, causing them major back problems while they try reading the newspaper article about how hydrogen economy is cartoon science? Well, Ann Arbor is the shining star of Michigan right now, so Detroit would benefit from the connection to this booming college town.

And these are the guys getting millions of dollars to implement cutting edge technologies? The Interstate Traveler Project has been formed into a Limited Liability Company, registered in the State of Michigan working in the design, production and distribution of alternative energy, where that alter native energy production system is fully integrated into the Rail Conduit Cluster and Utility Substations.