Panels – menu items / functions for interacting with HyperMesh. • Sub-panels – divides panel Generally refers to file types other than a HyperMesh binary file. HyperWorks OptiStruct Tutorials and Examples Learn more at The file is necessary for OptiStruct to recognize it as an input file. 3. All files referenced in the HyperMesh tutorials are located in the HyperWorks installation directory under /tutorials/hm/. If the location of your HyperWorks.

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HyperMesh immediately creates a fillet on the screen. For more details, see the HyperMesh online help.

Resource Library

Click two points anywhere along the edge. Mesh based autotolerance option allows the tool to determine the tolerance as a factor of the average element size. Their display icons indicate that they are activated even hyyperworks some or all of the elements in these components are masked hidden. Select the node that was just created at the center of the hole. Certain details of the shape, such as small holes or blends, may simply not be necessary for the analysis being performed.

Altair Inspire Brochure Altair Inspire enhances the concept development process by enabling simulation-driven design to increase your product’s efficiency, strength and manufacturability.

For base, choose the node with ID number 1 to be the base node.

In a very intuitive interface, it allows hyperworjs a machine from templates, creating its winding, and characterizing its performance in a few clicks. The direction and speed of the rotating model changes. Manipulate the view of the model using the rotate functions on the toolbar. Starting with simulation in the early phases of concept design, designers can take advantage of CFD simulation to explore and validate how different designs impact the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle.


The calculator closes and During his speech Mr. Expand the Components branch to expose connectors, elements, and geometry. See real use cases examples and hands on demonstration. Based on modern technology, the standalone platform offers fast and accurate computations.

Confirm that you wish to delete the component by clicking yes in the delete confirm dialog.

On the display toolbar, click Mask, From the main menu, click the Tool page, then select the mask panel 2. Then type a new value. Symmetry and Draw Direction Constraints Applied Simultaneously in a Topology Optimization – OS The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to perform a topology optimization on an automotive control arm with the simultaneous application of symmetry and draw direction constraints.

Change the entity type from node to line. Leveraging Altair’s CFD and structural analysis solvers, SimLab now offers a streamlined workflow that enables pre- solver, and post-processing for thermal FSI within a single interface.

HyperMesh 10.0 Core Tutorials

Because of the small thickness of the part, it is assumed that it will be modeled for FEA as shell elements. The World is Built on Engineering Dr. Click Close to exit the Files panel. Switch between different entities to select and methods hyperwor,s define vectors.

Access the Model browser. Go to the three nodes sub-panel. Duplicate and translate lines. You can also find features panel in the Tool page by selecting the features sub-panel. From the list of components in the model, click rigid. The 1D, 2D, and 3D pages contain element creation and editing tools grouped according to element type. This level of file: See how fileetype C process helps you to find concept challenges.


Page 10 of 12 7. The DISCRETE parameter set in the opti control panel on the optimization panel can be used to push elements with intermediate densities toward 1 or 0, so that a more discrete structure is given.

Printition – optistructsymmetry and draw direction applied topopt

Flux Brochure Learn More. From the main menu, select the Geom page, then select lines. Clear the keep tangency check box. Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and In-service Simulation The Digital Twin and IoT seminar features the key ideas behind the concept of the Digital Twin, predictive maintenance, and its practical relevance especially for product engineering and simulation.

In the Model browser, notice that the elements for the components center and mid1 hyeprworks still displayed. The topology will be edited to correct of some of these, and the others will be left as is.

You can check tutorials in HyperMesh tutorials. This window is not displayed by default.