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He jerks the arm around with a curious sort of tremor and does his best, but his best produces no results.

Only one person in every five has the unconscious so accessible that the conscious can be completely unseated and the operator deal directly with the unconscious. Science is eternally on the move, questioning, probing, inquiring. A colleague was using it in another building. Let us follow the procedure of the operator as he induces hypnosis. The tests which we have suggested as of aid in detecting those individuals who will go into deep hypnotism, are, however, only bits of the hypnotic technique itself.

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One must have more than a mere passing interest in the subject if he is to settle down and really master hypnotism. If he does, he is in deep hypnosis. It is this sort of thing which has given hypnotism such a bad name with the average American, who always feels that somehow it is linked with sleight of hand and “magic” in general. The operator simply dictates his technique to the record, plays this back to the subject and the record will put the subject into hypnotism just as well as will the voice of the hypnotist.

George Estabrooks

This must be listed as one of the earliest and best signs of success in inducing the hypnotic trance. Some people are so extremely susceptible to hypnotism that at times we get curious results even when using a victrola record. To be sure, the facts he unearths may be unpleasant. The operator seats himself beside the sleeping subject and begins talking in a very low voice.


The hypnotist gives his subject no time to recover his poise, but returns to the attack at once. A prisoner in jail or after a battle certainly would not willingly cooperate with the hypnotist if he knew the operator was after information which might send him to the electric chair or which would put him in the light of a traitor to his country. Once again, with practice, it is a simple matter for the experienced hypnotist to watch the group and pick out the good subjects on the basis of how they behave to the victrola record.

We repeat this little experiment several times until we have obtained results or convinced ourselves that no results are to be obtained. One, for example, simply aims at transforming natural sleep into the hypnotic variety. So here we employ the disguised technique. It is impossible to bend your right arm.

For example, we all have friends who walk in their sleep, in some cases performing eats of balancing on narrow balconies which would be impossible in the waking state. We explain to the subject that we wish to test his ability to relax, and we can measure this by his blood pressure. On the other hand, he may make ineffective efforts to arise, then decide it is useless and relax in his chair.

Once discovered, these truths are handed over to the public. But we can still do considerable to save ourselves time and trouble. Should he really have a vision of the cat, his actions will be characteristic. In fact, suggestion appears to be the key of hypnotism.

Hypnotism may be a very dangerous thing in the hands of the unscrupulous, but so is the aeroplane, the rifle, the disease germ. In actual practice it is much better to deal with highly intelligent individuals. That is his problem. Just imagine that you are a board standing on end.

Your hands are locked tightly together. We know of no tests which will foretell with any degree of accuracy which individuals will develop into really good subjects. But even if he cannot bend his arm, this fact guarantees nothing as to his going deeper.


But the hysteric on the contrary is generally a very good subject. Keep looking in my eyes. We will hear a symphony orchestra at his suggestion and describe the pieces being rendered.

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You cannot take your hands apart. Take it and eat it. The feebleminded are notoriously hard to hypnotize, as are also same classes of the insane, as the schizophrenics. Then we proceed to “talk sleep” much the same as in hypnotism, g.x.estabrooks careful to avoid any references to trances, seances or hypnotism, and omitting all tests except one. I will catch you. This site uses cookies.

You are still walking in your sleep. Relax your eye muscles. The subject will accept any suggestion the operator gives, within certain limits which we will consider in later pages. So we do have hypnotism of a very effective type over the radio but it bears another label. First of all we must remove the effects of the previous test.

We will see later that a subject can very easily be hypnotized against his will but that hypbosis again has nothing to do with will power on the part of the operator. A lazy man’s way of handling this matter of group hypnosis when searching for subjects is g.a.estwbrooks use the victrola record.

In other words, g.a.eestabrooks Hindu rope trick is not done by group hypnotism. The victrola record cannot handle these situations. But these early authorities were almost always medical men. Hitler is an excellent hypnotist, and we really mean that statement to be taken seriously.