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The text of the International Standard IEC was approved by ISO/ IEC Guide Uncertainty of measurement -. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering also reflected by the older editions of the relevant standard IEC For good practice in HV test fields, this Sect. on HV measurement and uncertainty .

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NOTE 2 A linearity test according to 5.

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The device is designated by the type and arrangement of its elements for example, resistive, capacitive or resistive-capacitive. A measuring system can also be approved for a range of fundamental frequencies e. Tests for assessing contributions to uncertainty which are usually considered are summarized in Table 1. NOTE 2 This method isc applicable to alternating voltage and to impulse voltages.

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The assigned scale factor is a single value for the ic measurement range. Alternatively it can be determined from the scale factors of the components 5.

NOTE 2 Attention should be paid to the equal charging of all stages of a voltage generator. IVIore information on the Type B contributions is given in the relevant clauses. These simplified procedures of clause 5 are considered sufficient for the instrumentation and measurement arrangements commonly used in high-voltage testing: The errors of the impulse parameters of the output waveform relative to the input waveform may be used to evaluate the performance of the measuring system for a particular waveform to be measured.

AF- AF- X,1 X,2 X,3 X,4 X,5 s the contribution caused by the lower temperature of the reference system, s the contribution caused by the nonlinearity of the quotient, s the contribution caused by the short-term instability of the system under test, s the contribution caused by the long-term instability of the system under test, s the contribution caused by the dynamic behaviour of the system under test, s the contribution caused by the temperature variation of the system under test.

Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Catalogue’ and ‘Standards: NOTE 3 The estimate of uncertainty is not very precise and high numerical precision is not required. Correlation occurs when, for example, the same instrument is used for measuring two or more input quantities.


The impulse parameters of this waveform may be obtained from the impulse calculation software of the impulse measuring system being examined. This means that the rectangular distribution yields a larger standard uncertainty than the other distributions.

An approved measuring system shall have an uncertainty within the specifications of this standard throughout the ranges of operating and environmental conditions given in the record of performance. The errors and their scatter for different wave-shapes, can be used as an uncertainty contribution to the combined uncertainty of measurement of the parameter concerned. The convolution method assumes that the step response of the measuring system is correctly measured and the input waveform used in the calculation is representative of the real impulse waveforms to be measured.

The sign of C may be positive or negative. This value and its uncertainty will be adopted in the model function Equation A. Details of test or calculations shall be included in the record of performance. The calculated error in the peak amplitude can be compared to the unit step response to verify if the convolution calculation has been performed correctly. However, this estimation may be given for a defined range of measurement conditions in conjunction with the calibration certificate.

Alternatively the test of Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is a statutory institution establisined under tine Bureau of Indian Standards Act, to promote harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and attending to connected matters in the country. The resolution does not need to be considered again, in full, but rather only in a small portion as a residual Type B uncertainty. Specific terms according to the type of instrument lEC These assumptions lead to a procedure of evaluation of the expanded uncertainty of the scale factor F, both for the calibration situation and for the use of an approved measuring system in measurements.

A voltage transformer is characterized by the ratio error, the phase displacement and the corresponding uncertainties. The deviations of the scale factor are evaluated according to the above formula 5. Routine tests shall be performed on each unit. For impulses, n impulses are applied. These contributions are related to normal use of the approved measuring system, and arise from non-linearity, short- and long-term instabilities, etc.


The result shall be in accordance with clause 7. Certain conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards.


In this case another method suitable for the linearity test shall be chosen. Manolakis, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing. The input waveform should be a smooth waveform with the highest frequency of the noise having been reduced well below the Nyquist frequency half of the sampling frequency of the impulse array. Requirements for instruments lECDigital recorders for measurement in high-voltage impulse tests – Part 2: Mgo is the non-linearity contribution to standard uncertainty determined during calibration of the scale factor see 5.

This scale factor may also be determined as the product of oec scale factors of the components.

For example, an optical link includes a transmitter, an optical cable and a receiver as well as related amplifiers. To obtain a low-noise unit step response for convolution purposes, averaging several step-response records may be used.

Routine tests shall be performed on each component. Failure to prove the linearity using such a method does not necessarily mean the measuring system is non-linear. The same procedures can be applied to other time parameters.

These limits are under consideration. Number pairs in the 600602- show the normalised frequency logarithmic scale and the corresponding deviation at the corner points of the limit lines. Part 1 General definitions and test requirements second revision IS 1 Part 1: The dispersion of the n measurement values producing a Type A standard uncertainty may be partially caused by a limited resolution of the recorder and its internal noise.

NOTE 1 The method is 600602- applicable for the charging voltage of multi-stage impulse generators or the alternating voltage input of a multi-stage 6000-2 voltage generator.