data have been gathered annually by commercial research agency Blauw in the Netherlands and published in the Dutch business magazine Incompany Do you want to know how inCompany can contribute to your company? Yes, I want to learn more. I’m an employee. How does it work for an employee. Do you. Number of employees (optional), Less than , to , to , to , Over Number of employees (optional). Number of employees.

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In de eerste negen jaar dat het onderzoek werd gehouden, veranderde de samenstelling van de top 9 nooit. Other companies are working on wearable technology.

Things to talk about with your students: In her time at the top, Ahrendts re-positioned Burberry as a high fashion brand.

Is there still a place for high street travel agencies? Has anyone joined Pinterest?

Ahrendts is certainly no stranger to technology. There are a good number of reasons for the imminent closures: How efficient is the postal service in your own country? Last month, it announced the first ever woman winner: What does your own company do on such sites?

How does it work – Learn more about the features of inCompany

Bexar County has never had a public library, or even a bookshop. In your view, can a creative genius also become a CEO? Another wearer was more cautious, saying these are early days. Het zijn bijzondere bedrijven die dat voor elkaar krijgen. Opvallend is dat incopmany groene banken wel goed presteren: Nowadays, I just do it online.


Ook Siemens en T-Mobile keren, na teleurstellende scores interug in de top This IPO Initial public offering was hugely different to the last big flotation of a technology company — Facebook.

An incredible million tweets are sent every day. Nevertheless, sending parcels boomed over Christmas. Het fenomeen waarbij underperformers uitsterven en steeds meer bedrijven erin slagen hun klanten zeer tevreden te stellen, levert dit jaar veel nieuwe winnaars op. Indeed, Facebook and EBay have announced they will be making apps for Glass. Some wealth consists of money borrowed against tangible assets.

Shell wint tiende editie van Incompany 21 mei Shell heeft voor de zevende keer in tien jaar de grootste aantrekkingskracht op stakeholders en wint de tiende editie van Incompany The singer Adele is the richest young musician on the list.

Make sure you receive yours by signing up for our Macmillan Email Newsletters. The library aims to inspire. They use the current laws, it is claimed, to pay tax in no countries at all! They were created in a pre-Internet age, and were originally designed to ensure that a company does not pay tax in two different countries at the same time. The frames house a tiny computer which projects information from the Internet, such as emails, text messages and search results. For we have launched a new set of elessons and newsletters centred around life skills, with different monthly themes and topics, including some for business English.


The company famously got into difficulties inwith the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa badly affecting tours to Egypt and Tunisia. If the plans go ahead, they will be the first ever internationally co-ordinated attempt to reform the global taxation system.

If not, why not? The computer responds to voice commands. Na het dieptepunt in stijgen de rapportcijfers van werknemers dit jaar marginaal.

Maar dit zijn de uitzonderingen op de regel, want zelfs de voorheen sterk presterende bedrijven PwC, APG en Holland Incom;any krijgen nu onvoldoendes van hun werknemers. In May last year, the company appointed Harriet Green as their new chief executive.

Google, Amazon, Apple oncompany Starbucks are regularly under the spotlight. Some US states are considering making it illegal to wear the glasses while driving. Why would Pinterest be of interest to potential investors?

But have such firms actually done anything wrong? These could be your own photos, or stunning images from the web.