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Iseki TX Price: €5, – Tractors – Mascus Ireland

Here’s my wife acting silly on ours. We lived in Idaho, and Washington State for 10 years, before moving back here. Our TX runs a 4ft brush hog, a tiller the original Iseki oneand we have a hole digger. I use it almost every day in the summer, and every week in the winter on our small farm. I read a bit about Accel oil being total crap but I’m having a hard time believing they could legally sell it if it behaves like this in an old tractor.

Iseki Tx Hydraulic woes Installed a Zena a welder in place of the original alternator today. I’m new to tractors and I’m glad I’m around to learn something new about my TX.

Unfortunately it was in Japanese and all I could see was the number “80”. Looks like when I changed the oil it washed enough garbage down that it clogged the filter. I went out and pulled the banjo bolt and it had a nice long screen attached, and it was totally clogged! I’ve run it for over a year now clearing blackberries, tilling, and hauling isek around in the bucket.

At least your wife will drive it, mine won’t. The time now is Glad to hear that you got it up and running! Iseki Tx Hydraulic woes I guess I’ll reply to my own thread.


I drained the oil and sock-screened it before returning it to the case. I have a TX and it was originally sold in Woodburn, Oregon. The Zena didn’t work very well.

The front PTO might be a bit difficult to get to with the loader on, but it is behind a small panel under your radiator.

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I know a ton of places to get parts if you need any, and I know where they sell the TX decals if you decide to restore it someday. So there’s another PTO? You have the original rice paddy tires.

This is the cheapest that I could find: This is my first diesel, and now, I wish everything I owned was diesel. I decided to keep the system sealed, and I bought a splitter with a PTO driven hydraulic pump, and it works incredible. It’s late so I don’t want to go out and look. The ROPS were a must, but we have a grant here that pays for them.

I have a Post Hole Digger, a 3 point wood splitter, a rear dirts scoop, a single plow, a carry all, a lift all, a trailer for ours.

Iseki TX tractor information

Do you have any photos ttx1300 your tractor? Under your radiator, there is a second PTO, and I have seen the pumps connected at that point. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I figured I was doing right by flipping the seat up and reading the label. This is my tractor with the new tires: I have a TXF, and I have changed my fluids several times. I have a front pump on my Iseki that runs the loader.


Results 1 to 10 of I really need a loader, but they are big money. Someday I’ll restore it. It still has the original tires on ieki. I put R1 AG tires on it, because we use it around the farm, and in the woods, ieeki I really needed the extra traction. They are pretty impressive!

Other trademarks on this page are the property of their respective owners. It has tons of power, and speed. One nice thing about being average is you’re not alone.

Iseki TX1300

They got them over night and were quite reasonable. Ieeki the second post on this page for further information: Did I toast my pump by using gear oil initially? We bought our tractor for the same reason.

Did your tractor come with the loader, or did you add it later?