The Nemausus Social Housing project by Jean Nouvel was completed in , a time during which a massive amount of the population of. Building Type: 4-Storey Low-rise Social Housing Scheme. bullet, Completion: bullet, Total Floor Area: 10, m2. bullet, Architect: Jean Nouvel.

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But to do so, and build more space at the same price, uses a straight logic, elementary, and as simple as possible.

The specific site was part of what had been an arboretum, so some of the trees, particularly two lines of plane trees, running down the middle of the site, should be kept.

In Ejan, the architect tries to enhance the area, providing as much light, take the flow of air, and issues for the time seemed discredited, or neglected.

Contemporary European Architecture: Nemausus Social Housing by Jean Nouvel

Currently, people living in these buildings was very young. This decision follows the idea of allowing visual continuity on either side. Even though the core moved around in different apartments, those items were always together.

The lack of safe water and hygiene and sanitation led to epidemics that resulted in tragedy.

Arnault De Bussiere Engineer: He raised the building up off the ground and used the space he gained for parking, which was nougel fairly revolutionary idea for nuvel area. Newer Post Older Post Home. Design Concept and Principles. Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site.


What is valuable in this social housing scheme is its experimental nature which offers a much higher degree of flexibility and the use of non-traditional design elements which normally are difficult to be accepted.

To rationalize the use of land, located in the garage floor, half-buried, following a municipal ordinance but also nouvep the parking lot does not limit the visual and from the outside of the package. The stairs are off from each building and have an independent steel structure. Without the attempt of experimentation, there is little chance of generating innovative ideas particularly within a context of extreme constraints.

Nemausus Housing

Inside the houses, stairs and metal are onuvel reported the different spaces. Elements of Open Layout and partitioning borrowed from office design.

In this quest, good apartment andalusia Nouvel defined as simply an apartment as large as possible. The typological array guarantees that offering a choice is also a mark of respect we can show the future occupant. At the opposite facade, which faces the street and adjacent buildings, this is repeated a footbridge but in this case is used in private practice for each unit. By doing this he wanted to encourage the tenants of the building to transform their own apartment to fit their needs.

This space is also used to locate the vertical movement inside. nemausua

Innovation is certainly a plausible word. The two buildings were laid out parallel to two rows of plane trees standing on partly sunken parking lots. The destruction of entire cities and the sharp increase in construction costs require new solutions.


The remains of Roman times made this city famous, and has numerous buildings, amphitheatres, aqueducts, and perfectly preserved. Nemqusus the way some of the buildings raised by the modern movement, Nouvel proposed that the same off the field. Also, many times these doors are double-height, so each person can break the stigma of homelessness among four walls, and open her apartment as if it were a simple curtain.

The materials on Nemausus are given by this particular image so radical. That is the contextual aspect. Making use of boom lifts for picking fruits from tall trees seems like a great use for them. This reality is echoed in the designs of the era, and soon to appear for settlement proposals. Between one half of them projected park and public space that gives ownership to the residents.

Nemausus Housing – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

The use of industrial materials concertina garage doors for balconies, metalwork decking, aluminum open stairs is indeed radical, but does not derive from any intention to shock or to be radical for its own sake. That is the democratic aspect. The impression that the politician was the architect jeah very good, especially for knowledge of it being his own country.