Master technical author, Jeff Duntemann, makes tangled Wi-Fi technological issues very comprehensible. Jeff explains Jeff Duntemann’s Drive-by Wi-Fi Guide. This books (Jeff Duntemann s Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide [PDF]) Made by Jeff Duntemann About Books none To Download Please Click. The Paperback of the Jeff Duntemann’s Drive by Wi-Fi Guide by Jeff Duntemann at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Feel free to quote, as long as the original wording is not changed. Send all corrections, suggestions, etc. It’s been a busy and difficult year so far; Guidr and I moved to Colorado Springs in April and have been working hard on getting a new house built ever since. My workshop has been in boxes since this past Wi-fo, and therefore it’s been very difficult for me to whip up new Wi-Fi gadgetry, as much as I want to. I want to experiment with saucer sleds as parabolic reflectors, but I have not lived in a climate that has winter since Once I score one I’ll see if I can put something together with the hand tools I have available to me in our rented duntfmann.

Speaking of my move to Colorado Springs, if you’re a Springs-area Wi-Fi enthusiast and want to hang out with others jef our type, I’m putting a group together. Email me and I’ll let you know what we’re up to. We hope to do an antenna shootout at some point, along with compatibility testing of gear from different manufacturers, and so on. One way to coordinate this is through Meetup. Join the Wi-Fi section for Colorado Springsand if we get enough people to sign up it’s free they’ll coordinate the meetings.

We do this here for Delphi, and it works duntemanb well. There’s safety and shared expertise in numbers.

This is the support site for my newest book: The book was published March 1, by Paraglyph Press, the heir apparent of Coriolis Group Books, which was shut down March 31, The book is a slightly lighthearted treatment of I wrote it for home office and small office users, rather than corporate IT types. They take every damfool worthless book from the big publishers, but they won’t take more than a handful of books from small publishers, even when the author like me has sold books by the hundreds of thousands over an almost twenty-year period.


I get chewed out by the bookstore people for putting links to online retailers in my Web presence, but if they won’t put a copy in every bookstore, what am I supposed to do?

FireWire with No Wire: The wireless standard they’re considering is A PowerPoint slide show on the topic is here. Tim has no reason to lie to us he’s as independent as they come so my recommendation becomes: Hold out for tri-standard.

I’m working on a short Web-based paper watch for a link to your upper left explaining in more detail. Cisco is buying Linksys!

Jeff Duntemann’s Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide by Jeff Duntemann (, Paperback) | eBay

But don’t they always say that about an anticipated merger? As usual, only time will tell.

Linksys is now selling a PC card capable of What amazes me about the WPC55AG is less the inclusion of g-functionality, which is dicey in any event, but the price point. Assuming this thing works well in A start-up called Vivato has announced an interesting technology that greatly expands the range of Wi-Fi hotspots. Details are still a little sparse, but the gist of what they’re doing is creating a system using a steerable array of many small Wi-Fi gain antennas that can wo-fi follow an individual user as that user walks around within range of the array.

The idea is to cover, from a single central antenna site, an area like a city park or college campus much larger than a single Wi-Fi hotspot could be. Theoretically, Vivato’s technology can reach jeft a couple of miles, but it still has to be good line of sight, and just keeping unobstructed line drive-byy sight across a couple of miles is a challenge anywhere there are trees or buildings.

This one’s worth watching, and Dduntemann speak of it more once I get a better sense for how it works. I’ve discovered a new kind of can for cantennas: The cans that fancy-schmancy booze bottles are packed in.

Jeff Duntemann’s Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide

Peel the label from almost any sizeable tin can, like those containing tomato juice or spaghetti sauce, and you’ll see what I mean about the corrugations. The can I duntemanh once contained a bottle of Malibu coconut-flavored rum, but I’ve seen similar cans for high-end whisky and other things. The gain is higher than my Tin Can Bandwidth Expander see Chapter 15 but the beam width is also much narrower, and I think this is an antenna guive fixed-point applications like bridging networks between houses.


I’ve created a pistol-grip handle for the antenna, and have done some driev-by warscanning with it from up on the roof, but it looks so much like some kind of weird weapon I’m afraid to go out in public with it!

One problem with errata for the book is that the Wi-Fi field is moving very quickly. What I knew in the fall of may well have been superceded by events in early This is an occupational hazard in the technology press, and the primary reason I’ll be supporting this Web site. Pages and The figure captions say, “Photo coutesy of Maxrad. Page drive-b, last paragraph. So while ripping dunyemann writing Chapter 3, I slipped back into old habits, and wrote “terminal” instead of “transmission.

This isn’t precisely a mistake, but it might confuse you: In the book’s text I talk incessantly about Duntemsnn, Arizona Well, shortly after finishing the book, Carol and I decided to move. Yes, I know I say that “I don’t do winter” on pagebut that was then, and this is now.

You can razz me about it if you want; I’m sure I deserve it, and I’ll take it gracefully. Joltage, which I described in some detail in Chapter 10, has gone out of driv-eby. They barely lasted a year, sigh.

Other hotspot aggregators will appear to take their place. It’s a lousy time to be implementing capital-intensive startups, and the important question is what the industry will learn from their failure. Book Errata One problem with errata for the book is that the Runtemann field is moving very quickly.