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The course aims to acquaint students with the sources, nature and dynamics of fundamental socio-cultural processes of European integration. Seminar will consist of the following thematic blocks:. The aspects of European integration cannot be considered in isolation from questions about self-understanding, in other words, their studying cannot be made independently of the history and culture of Europe, as well as the current moral and political goals and aspirations, which constitute the identity of the integrating Europe.

As the European identity is not detached from the context, the question of identity becomes a question of its nature and its possibility in the broader framework of modernity.

Rationalism in culture and politics. Europe is building political and social order based on the rationalist model, marzsnie express such ideologies as scientism, naturalism, utilitarianism, pragmatism and materialism. The consequences of the primacy of this philosophy are connected to the general eugopejskie of the influence of rationality on our lives, customs, politics, values and beliefs. Rational approach allows to solve various social problems, but also raises the same number of dilemmas.

These aspects will be the subject of this thematic block. Dilemmas of the human rights agenda. An important expression of European political philosophy, and aits identity are human rights. They embody the core values such as humanism, equality, freedom, pluralism, tolerance, etc. Human rights help to define what today is considered a social problem. Therefore, it is important to explore and analyze the impact and controversy that brings the thinking about democracy in terms of human rights.

Capitalism and the business community in Europe are very important factors of integration. The development of capitalism goes hand in hand with the ideals of prosperity, fighting unemployment, vocational training, improve health, or the free movement of capital. At the same time, the awareness of the social dimension of the market develops, what is declared in the form of the Charter of Fundamental Social Rights. On the other hand, the development of capitalism in its current form, yet in a completely new context i.

Capitalism also mazrenie a negative impact on the culture. According to many critics and, at the same time, enthusiasts of the Rifiin capitalism reveals its dramatic antinomies. The development of capitalism may have an adverse impact on the development of democracy, the growing sense of exclusion and insecurity, exacerbated materialism and consumerism.

Research question therefore concerns how the EU is trying to counter this negative effects of the developing capitalism.

Social model in Europe. The analysis of the social problems of European integration must take into account various aspirations in the construction of social order. Its main expression is the vision of Europe’s social model protected by the stability of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.


Social model expresses not only the European values but also responds to the challenges of globalization. However, it also raises controversies which should be the focus of attention and analysis. Nation, civil society, region.

The following thematic block concerns the role of the nations in the project of building Europe. Important research question concerns the definition and understanding of the nation, national consciousness and patriotism, as well as the impact of the national ideology on integration processes.

In this context particularly problematic issue relates to the possibility of establishing trans-national identity and European citizenship and the importance of the ideology of localism and regionalism. Demographic problems in Europe. Europe, in particular, the EU is a dynamic area of demographic change associated with transformation of the family model, women’s emancipation, individualism, aging population and the decreasing birth rates, etc.

These europejjskie also reflect the important transformation in moral and institutional marzeie These aspects will be the subject of discussion in this thematic block.

A separate and very complex europejskiw is the problem of migration, both within the EU and immigration from outside the EU. It is necessary to identify the sources and nature of migration and immigration.

It is important to consider various reasons and character of migrations: It is worth seeing the main areas of migration and its goals. A separate and interesting problem is the benefits that these phenomena bring. Multiculturalism – discrimination furopejskie dialogue. The following block will concern the ruropejskie of multiculturalism in Europe, which is a pluralistic community. People with different beliefs, upbringing, nationality and culture are living closer together. Multicolored image of Europe is enhanced by immigration.

Such a Europe is susceptible to the stereotypes, intolerance and discrimination, both in the legal sense, as in psychological and social. This problem affects not only the representatives of various nations and religions, but also of gender and race.

Kostarczyk, Andrzej

The fight against intolerance and xenophobia, takes the form of conventions, records and European programs. The riffkin challenge is to cultivate in Europe the dialogue and communication based on respect for differences. The research question therefore concerns the nature of the dialogue between representatives of different cultures, subcultures and customs in different countries, the models of multiculturalism, and the nature of mainstream emancipatory movements. Religion, fundamentalism and secularism in Europe.

The next thematic block is associated with two very important aspects of European integration, namely the secularization and contemporary religious fundamentalism. Research question thus concerns the major religious traditions in Europe, the nature of jerfmy conflicts, and on the other hand, the sources and types of secularization, as well as the impact of major cultural trends of modernity ruropejskie both the progressive process of secularization, fundamentalism and religious revival movements.

Politics of gender – feminism.

Jeremy Rifkin

The following block concerns the issue of gender. Problems that are associated with this concern not only the broader democratic politics, based on human rights, but the important and difficult cultural challenges. It is connected with gender mainstreaming support programs for women and europejskiw, and various actions aimed at knocking down gender stereotypes, building new models of tolerance and respect.


Particularly sensitive and emotional issue is one concerning the homosexual minority rights. Research questions relate to the scale of these phenomena. In particular, the issue marzeniw feminism should be analyzed in this context. Ecology – the new trend of European sensibility. Ecology is one of the fastest growing European ideologies. The increasingly felt consequences of the climate change alert for greater sensitivity about the fate of nature and for need to set new, healthier ways of human coexistence with nature.

It is reflected in legislation, but also in the consciousness of ordinary citizens, undertaken activities and social movements in Europe. Research question concerns the scale and nature of this phenomenon. The group is divided into teams. Each of them develops a problem within rifkni thematic blocks. The starting point of the presentation during the seminar are the texts prepared by the teacher.

In addition, the speakers are required to find other materials, in accordance with the instructions of the leading Professor. It is desirable that the presentation referred to the current European policy, the activities of states and other social actors.

Collect other material for presentation e. Try to be interesting! Working in teams not exempt students from reading literature.

CEEOL – Article Detail

The average of three ratings will give the final result of the seminar. Lipszyc], Aletheia, Warszawas. Europa w Epoce globalnej [tlum.

Habura], PWN, Warszawas. Adamczyk], Wydawnictwo Krytyki politycznej, Warszawas.

Transformation of the society and culture of Europe – University of Warsaw

Adamczak], Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej, Warszawas. Feminizm, Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo s. Nations and Nationalism 1 92s. The politics of environment; ideas, activism, policy, Cambridge UPs.

Hermann, Christoph i Mahnkopf Birgit. Information on level of this course, year of study and semester when the course unit is delivered, types and amount of class hours – can be found in course structure diagrams of apropriate study programmes.

This course is related to the following study programmes:. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. Related to study programmes: Transformation of the society and culture of Europe k-pske The course aims to acquaint students with the sources, nature and dynamics of fundamental socio-cultural processes of European integration.

Seminar will consist of the following thematic blocks: Therefore, it is important to explore and analyze the impact and controversy that brings the thinking about democracy in terms of human rights 4.

The seminar supposed to: This course is related to the following study programmes: European studies Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: Description of k-pske in USOSweb.

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