[Drum] Johnny Rabb – The Official Freehand Technique. Uploaded by fogobr Johnny Rabb The Official Freehand Technique Drum for Drummers. Sheet music for Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD): buy online. Arrangement: Drums (DRUMS). Published by Hal Leonard, Hudson. Johnny Rabb, besides being a master drummer, is really known for what he calls the ‘Freehand Technique’, which allows you to play really fast notes with one.

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You must be logged in to add an item to your wishlist. Send a private message to Snorbuckle. Derek actually is featured in my video demonstrating Freehand Blast Beats.

Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD)

Description written by Michael Dooley. GruntersDad Administrator – Mayor. Still, really good to know about, and have the option there. Jojo has always been fantastic about crediting or promoting the Freehand. Find all posts by larryace.

I love all styles of music and continue to grow as a musician daily. I think first you’ll have to deal with a bunch of fanboys before you can read any answer on the topic, LOL: The last time I considered learning the freehand technique I likened it to playing double strokes on the double bass pedal – a little bit gimmicky for alot of effort.


Thanks for your understanding. His DVD is killer and the same with Derek’s.

The Official Freehand Technique « Hudson Music

I was interested in it though, and did my own research and found myself having a great time with it. I said hey, and he just chuckled. Find all posts by Grummbles. I love this site as well.

Thanks so much for your honest replies to the question. Send a private message to Wavelength. He referenced the different names people gave to the technique and possibly referenced you techbique others by name I forget at this moment. Also, I absolutely think the Freehand is not the end all technique for drumming. There are tons of ideas for getting creative myself, hohnny I’ve used it for several students of mine. I guess number two isn’t bad.

Find all posts by RIneuron. Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb Wow! I would have to think that you brought it to more folks attention though. Send a private message to Grummbles. Last edited by Johnny Rabb; at I have always given Kenwood credit for the inspiration and have even spoken to him on the phone regarding the Freehand, etc.


The Official Freehand Technique

Send a private message johhny larryace. Find all posts by Derek Roddy. Read Reviews 0 Average User Rating. If so, where and how? My son saw you play and proclaimed you his new favorite drummer. Im 46 and I can always remember the “one-handed roll” as being this mythical thing that only guys like Morello could do.

David Floegel Silver Member. Welcome Johnny to the forum! New Pearl EM1 3.