The Junghans-catalog of Junghans-ArmbanduhrenHAU-Jjpg. Junghans Katalog J84; Coverpage; Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für. JunghansMarkus-Neumeierjpg Junghans ; RAG 25 Jahre; movement Junghans-KatalogJunghansmassiv-gold-. Remark. Junghans-ArmbanduhrenHerren-komplett-mit-Text Junghans Katalog ; Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chronometrie.

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– Uhrenfabrik Junghans

Junghans Katalog J84; Coverpage; Source: Junghans Katalog J84; p. From Junghans in Schramberg the watch made its way to the capital of Finland. There, in Helsinki a watchmaker worked mainly on tower clocks for churches. Apparently he had an excellent taste, because he gave this Junghans his granddaughter who now lives in Switzerland.

Junghans 620.50 with golden case

After a few years in the Alpine republic this little watch made its journey finally going on with a few weeks stopover at customs in Frankfurt and landed fortunately as a donation to me. The watchmaker’s shop still exists and is now run by the cousin of the then donee: Here you can find the data to the movement: Urheberrecht Uhten Abrufen, Kopieren und Abspeichern der Webseiten dieses Online-Angebotes, deren Inhalte oder mit den Darstellungswerkzeugen generierten oder angezeigten Ergebnissen, im Ganzen oder in Teilen, darf allein zum privaten, nicht kommerziellen Gebrauch karalog werden.


Alle innerhalb des Online-Angebotes genannten und ggf.

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Now it will be junghzns at junghans-vintage. With thanks to the donor! The current watch-presentations Archives of the watch-presentations The first wristwatch of Junghans!

The first in my collection: Junghans J90 The second in the collection: Junghans J83 The most beautiful: Picture of the month.