The Kebra Nagast, by E.A. Wallis Budge, [], full text etext at 1. Concerning the Glory of Kings Concerning how King SOLOMON swore to the Queen. The Queen of Sheeba – Kebra Nagast or The Glory of Kings. Download PDF of the old religious text from Africa connecting the people of. Here is the most startling and fascinating revelation of hidden truths; not only revealing the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, but also explaining fully .

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No eBook available Amazon. Read, highlight, and kinge notes, across web, tablet, and phone. It describes how the Ethiopians believe the ark of the covenant came to leave Israel, stolen by Why is there a need for a “modern” translation of the Kebra Nagast?

Wallis Budge’s translation is in English and quite understandable even for the contemporary reader. Looking at this version, it is rather a perversion. Brooks basically carbon copies the translation for the most part. He inserts his own little tidbits here and there, selectively modifies or outright omits original content including plates, chapters, and chapter titles that clearly defines the source content as Orthodox Christian most likely due to his apparent bias as g,ory member of the Seventh-Day Adventist church, slaps a price sticker iebra it, and calls it “the first and only modern translation.

Shame on you Miguel F.

Kebra Nagast by Anonymous

This “translation” is more of a revision, but not for the better. Account Options Thf in. These pages were excised by royal decree from the authorized King James version of the Bible. My library Help Advanced Book Search. A Modern Translation of the Kebra Nagast: The Glory of Kings. The Red Sea Press- Religion – pages. Lost for centuries, the Kebra Nagast The Glory of Kings is a truly majestic unveiling of ancient secrets.


Here is the most nagazt and fascinating revelation of hidden truths; not keba revealing the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, but also explaining fully many of the puzzling keebra on Biblical topics which have remained unanswered up to today. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Why is there a need for a “modern” translation of the Kebra Nagast? Selected pages Title Page. Contents Concerning the Glory of Kings. The Kingdom of Adam. The Kingdom of Seth. The Covenant of Noah. Declaration of the Patriarchs.

The Covenant of Abraham. Solomon arrives in Egypt. Solomons Lament for the Tabernacle of Zion. Solomons Return to Jerusalem. How the Daughter of Pharaoh seduced Solomon.

Kebra Nagast (the Glory of Kings)

The Sin of Solomon. Concerning the Prophecy of Christ. The Glory of Zion. The Division of the Earth.

PartH Solomon and Sheba. The Queen of the South.

The Kebra Nagast Index

The Return of Tamrin to Ethiopia. The Queen of Ethiopia prepares for her Journey to Jeruasalem. The Queen of Ethiopia comes to Solomon the King. The Conversation of Solomon with the Queen of Sheba. Solomon and the Workman. Solomons Instructions to the Queen. The Seduction of the Queen of Sheba. Solomons Oath to the Queen of Ethiopia. Solomons Sign to the Queen of Ethiopia. BaynaLehkem sets out for Jerusalem.

BaynaLehkem arrives in Gaza. Solomon makes BaynaLehkem Captain of his Host. Solomons Conversation with BaynaLehkem. Solomon questions his Son Bayna Lehkem.

Solomon sends Nobles of Israel to Ethiopia with his Son. Zadoks commands to David n.

The Blessing of Kings. The King must not be reviled. The Conspiracy of the Sons of the Nobles who are to go to Ethiopia. The plot to remove the Tabernacle of Zion from the Temple in Jerusalem. The offering of Azariah and the King.


How they removed the Tabernacle of Zion. The Gift of the Chariot of Zion to Ethiopia. How the People of Ethiopia Rejoiced. Zadok the Priest discovers that the Tabernacle of Zion has disappeared. How Solomon rose up to slay them. The DeathLament of Solomon. The Pearl and the Saviour.

The Conversation of Solomon with the Angel. The Reign of Rehoboam. Mary the Daughter of David. The King of Medyam. The King of Babylon.

The King of Persia. Concerning the King of Kegra. The King of Amalek a Descendant of Lot. The King of the Philistines. Abrahams Journey into Egypt. The King of Ethiopia Returns to his Country. The Clean and the Unclean. How the Men of Rome destroyed the Faith.

The First War of the King of Ethiopia. How the Authority of BaynaLehkem was universally accepted. PartV The Seed of the Woman.

Kebra Nagast

The Prophecy about Christ. The Murmuring of Israel. The Rod of Moses and the Rod of Aaron. How the Angels rebelled against God when He created Adam. Concerning Him that existeth in everything. The Rejection of the Word. The Horns of the Altar. The Belief of Abraham. Christs Glorious Entrance into Jerusalem. The Return of Zion. Knigs Glory of Kings Miguel F. Brooks Teh view – Brooks No preview available – Concerning the Glory of Kings.