Raving Fans has ratings and reviews. If you really want a booming business, you have to create Raving Fans. .. Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. “Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is doing better. Just having satisfied customers isn’t good. Raving fans can sway in two directions: good or bad. Ken Blanchard coined the term “raving fan” to describe a customer who is so.

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In rzving story, our nameless protagonist really, our avatar in this world becomes enlightened in their journey from clueless and frustrated manager, to a graduate of Raving Fan school, ready to wow customers.

I could see them arrive. The protagonist at one point wonders how these businesses afford to offer such extravagance, but this question isn’t addressed in the book. The story is supposed to in my opinion capture the reader’s attention and make the concepts easy to remember. We required our store managers to read the book and each created a ravinv ranging from points that they can put into effect at their stores to improve customer service. Exceeding expectations is important, but consistently meeting expectations creates credibilty.

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Kenneth H. Blanchard

However, I will try to find the parts I can use and apply them. Businesses called service leaders perform within a well defined window. In this step you will also decide which customer needs you will service and which customer needs you will not service, you cannot be all things to all people.

Pay attention to what customer isn’t saying.


How can you take these lessons into your daily work? I was a little worried that this would be dull and like I was back in school again. My manager asked everyone in the department I work in to read this book. I want to hand it out at the hospital, at th I no longer know whether I picked up this book and read it because I was irritated by the level of customer service I often get, or if my irritation is caused by learning from this book how ridiculously easy it is to provide good service.

Raving fans – Customer Service Book Summary

The ideas presented within could’ve been summed up on blanchadr triple spaced pages. Meet customer needs whenever possible, even if it means sending them to a competitor. One person found this helpful. This I do know for sure: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. But anyways, back to this book.

In each other book, little was said other than a quote here or there.

A traditional customer service paradigm

When a customer is a Raving Fan and is enthusiastic, listen to him too. To build further on your customer service knowledge, and once you have read Raving Fans by Ken Blanchardit would be beneficial to read I was your customer. America is in the midst of a service crisis that has left a wake banchard disillusioned customers from coast to coast. Have everyone read this book, make it part of the Welcome Gift package 4.

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

It tells you bkanchard imagine perfection centered on the customer. First, it allows you to be consistent. I use so many lines from the book to explain how to write your story and create the business you want with clients that want what you have.

At first glance it’s a short read with large font and lots of whitespace, so I knew it wouldn’t take long to finish and I wasn’t opposed to reading it. People complain that the information is too simple and that everyone should already know ravng, and yet customer service often sucks, plain and simple. They are good points- but I could have done without all of the filler. Realize that “fine” or silence is a message, fsns ask sincere questions to find what they’re not saying.


Meet first, exceed second. Raing more of my thoughts on this book, please visit my Raving Fans review at my business books review site. Very simply written book that I didn’t embrace.

There are three main points to the book in regards to customer service. You’ll be disgusted everywhere you go after reading this book, when you see how blancchard customer service really is in this world. I recently bought a copy for a clients business. Made a huge difference on how I treat my clients. I initially read it on a flight, but it’s great to go back to and reference.

If you need a book to help you manage Each owner explains a different rule they employ and how by incorporating these rules into a system, their businesses flourish.

Trivia About Raving Fans: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I don’t think a day goes by my team and I don’t mention the words “Raving Fans” or at least discuss some concept from the book.

I started and finished this book today, and I think it’s a good read for anyone really.