Find out all of the information about the Klüber Lubrication product: synthetic grease / for bearings / for metals / high-temperature CONSTANT GLY Contact. CONSTANT GLY SAFETY Material Compliance Management E-Mail: [email protected] KLÜBER LUBRICATION MÜNCHEN KG. bearing retainer straps. Kluber Constant OY 68 #1 (Red) and. Mikrozella G8 0Y # 2 (Blue). Lube #3. (Yellow). Kluber GLY,. the take- up and articulating.

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The Online Industrial Exhibition. Synthetic impregnating fluid for sintered metal plain bearings Product description CONSTANT GLY is a synthetic impregnating fluid for the low-noise lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings subject to high and low temperatures, speeds e.

Kluber gly Germany KLUBER CONSTANT GLY high temperature bearing grease 1L

Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Please use this field to search our entire website. Benefits for your application Longer component life due to good ageing resistance and thermal stability Klubsr fluid Good low-temperature behaviour prevents creaking noises Extended bearing life due to reduced starting-up wear Enables energy savings due to low starting and running torques Excellent ageing stability due to low internal heating even at high speeds Versatile uses due to good compatibility with elastomers Additional wear protection due to matching soap.

  ASTM E1557-09 PDF

If this goes on for a certain period of time, premature wear will be the consequence. Product description As bearings are vly started and stopped, their kluver varies or their sense of rotation is continuously reversed, the hydrodynamic oil film in the friction point will collapse at intervals.

Due to the special product formulation and additives, it covers a wide service temperature range and offers good anticorrosion properties. The soap content in this product provides additional wear protection.

As bearings are repeatedly started and stopped, their speed varies or their sense of rotation is continuously reversed, the hydrodynamic oil film in the friction point will collapse at intervals.

Search Full text search: The advanced speciality lubricant design provides lifetime iluber over a wide service temperature range, with added reserve capacity for low temperatures.

Benefits for your application Longer service life due to good ageing resistance and high thermal stability Low noise and smooth running Good low-temperature kluer prevent creaking noise Longer life of bearing due to lower running-in wear Energy savings and improved efficiency due to lower frictional torque Improved ageing stability due to less internally generated heat Good compatibility with elastomers allows a variety of applications.