Kranzle UK: supporting and supplying the best cleaning equipment Interactive Parts Diagrams>Power Pack Series> T Parts (Date: 07/ – 12/). You can skip down to the topic you are looking for by making your selection above, or scroll down to find out more Basic setting up. Machines are designed for. The Kranzle K TST is a fabulous mid-range machine, excellent design with plenty of power suitable for all manner of cleaning tasks, at home, for tool hire.

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Kränzle 1151 T High Pressure Cleaner

A used industrial equipment broker and auctioneer. You cannot place a new order from your country.

Make a Sale First sale? Lifting table Start price: Payment by bank transfer Start price It is best to give us a call where we can advise you based on what other users’ have experienced to work.

Follow upcoming sales with our newsletter. Empty pump cellars loaded waters Ekko pumps Start price: Sale subject to seller’s approval. Question over this item?

Allow the machine to cool down for at least 10 minutes before switching it back on. Using long lengths of water supply hose and extension cables can cause damage. A Gardena Hozelock fitting is supplied and comes fitted to most machines for use straight out of the box, when the supply water from your hose is connected to a tap. Construction equipment and materials Equipment and construction equipment auction Reason: Accessories principal Giacomini Start price: Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems.


Gardena hozelock fittings require a degree of water pressure to form and keep a seal; using a ‘push’ only fitting when drawing water from a tank, or similar container, may allow air to be drawn in by the pump with your water supply, causing damage.

When you have your gun, lance and hose connected to the machine, your water supply connected, and the electric cable plugged in and in the on position. Buckets Caddies Mop General Purpose. You can skip down to the topic you are looking for by making your selection above, or scroll down to find out more Auctelia is … A used industrial equipment broker and auctioneer Exclusively professional equipment for sale A trusted third party with payment on our account Discover Auctelia Buyer or seller, Auctelia is your partner.

Please can you complete the attached information so we can process your quote as efficiently as possible.

Bankruptcy Sale in collaboration with the ” Comptoir des faillites de spy ” Remark for this sale: High pressure cleaner Make: For more detailed information on the cookies we use, please check our privacy policy. The Terms and Conditions and the Specific conditions apply on all items.

If your water supply hose is on a reel – it is very important to fully un-wind your low-pressure hose from the reel first, failure to do this can result in a water shortage to your pressure washer. Thank you for your request for a quotation on the MAC Atom V Pressure Washer Please can you complete the attached information so we can process your quote as efficiently as possible. Kranzle pressure washer use industrial grade induction motors and will not run properly on diy type cable reels.


Try to establish why the motor was over heating. If the pump can not get enough water through it’s supply hose damage will occur to the transmission.

Kranzle pressure washers as standard come with a fitted standard Hozelock push fitting. Pick up your item.

Kranzle T Manuals

Mops Flat Kentucky Poles Socket. Receive your invoice 2 days. Information showing you how to set your machine up taken from an operators hand book can be found: Your message Hello, I found an item on Auctelia which could interest you.

Sale at the request of a third party. These are adequate for using with a water supply that has bar. The transmission is well lubricated when in the horizontal position, adding years to seal service life.

Equipment and construction equipment auction. There are two water connection fittings supplied with your Kranzle pressure washer: If you are connecting your pressure washer to a tap, then we suggest using as short a possible length of hose to supply the machine water.

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