by Chris Moeller that puts all the essential game info right in front you, and includes an introductory True20 adventure, “Last Voyage of the Stellar Galleon.”. Apr 15, Takes the roles of Stellar Galleon crewmen, trying to recover the ship’s an introductory True20 adventure, Last Voyage of the Stellar Galleon. Dec 10, The incident, which occurred last Wednesday, was said to be the affecting the Galleons Passage since it’s maiden voyage on October 19 are.

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True20 Narrator’s Kit | RPG Item | RPGGeek

True20 Adventure Roleplaying True fun, true excitement, true adventure: Also stelar place to find True20 product announcements.

I’ve only just started reading the enclosed adventure, “The Last Voyage of the Stellar Galleon,” but being the infamous nitpicker that I am, I’ve already found one point that could use some clarification: I’d assume that for the fantasy heroes, the sample backgrounds in the core rulebook and Pocket Player’s Guide would be perfectly suitable.

However, for the SF heroes, anything but human would require either another book like the “Lux Aeternum” setting chapter, or the True20 Companion or using the background rules to build one from scratch–both of which seem to run counter to the idea of this being an “introductory” voyaeg.


Should any of the opponents in this adventure use the Minions rules?

The room between 5B and 5C has no label or description; it can probably be treated as a smaller storeroom see areas 10A-B. The text for area G7 states that there are 4 cells, not 6.

The main text states that the valleon has taken minor damage, but the stat block doesnt seem to reflect this. Stasis Chambers Primary, Secondary, Tertiary: The crewmembers lack the full skills and feats for their background, role, and level 3 skills at 4 ranks each, and 5 feats.

Add Attack Focus unarmed as the human bonus feat to give Attack Specialization its missing prerequisite; Attack and Damage already include both these feats. This room can be easily bypassed using the adjacent corridor.

The First Mate’s Type should read “3rd-level humanoid 3rd-level warrior “. He lacks the full hhe and feats for their background, role, and level 3 skills at 4 ranks each, plus 4 skill points, and 7 feats. Delete the paragraph about skill bonuses from the stat block this text was mistakenly duplicated from the Monitor Lizard on p.


A Medium size creature would have some difficulty giving birth to even a single egg that was “one to two feet tall,” and eggs do not grow larger once laid. The lizardfolk stats on page 19 do not include the Handle Animal skill. The worshipers should be lizardfolk, not humans. Illusion is a mental power; Sydrick should use Light Shaping for his projected image.

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Under Copyright Notice, add: I know the errata docs here on the True20 website include those tables, but the presentation steellar the True20 Narrator’s Kit adventure booklet is much more compact only 2 pages rather than 6. Board index All times are UTC. Thu Jan 10,