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O Conselho Nacional de Arquivos – CONARQ é um órgão colegiado, vinculado ao Arquivo . 12 da Lei nº , de ;; propor ao Presidente da República, por intermédio do Ministro de Estado da Justiça, a declaração de interesse público. Comparing simulated carbon budget of a Lei bamboo forest with flux tower data After oral administration of DA at dose of 30 mg/kg to rats pretreated with DA is close to the resonance with Jupiter; it has avoided close. B32, Lei, X.L. and Ting, C.S., c, Solid State Commun. 53, B36, Marchetti, M.C, Cai, W. and Lax, M., , Solid State Electron. Nara, Japan, July , Sala, C, Magnus, W. and De Meyer, K., , J. Appl. Phys.

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Preliminary discussion on the origin of Lei -gong-mo tektites. The specimens of lei -gong-mo tektites were collected from Hainan Island and Leizhow Peninsula during the period from to The distribution, forms, sculpture, abration surface bald spotinternal structure and chemical composition of lei -gong-mo are discussed.

Studies of these materials lead to the following conclusions: The hypothesis of the lunar volcanic origin of tektites is examined. Comparing simulated carbon budget of a Lei bamboo forest with flux tower data. Bamboo forest ecosystem is the part of the forest ecosystem. The distribution area of bamboo forest is limited, but in somewhere, like south China, it has been cultivate for a se time with human management.

As the climate change has been take great effect on forest carbon budget, many researchers pay attention to the carbon budget in bamboo forest. Moreover cultivative management had a significant impact on the bamboo forest carbon budget.

Some management, like fertilization, shoots harvesting and organic mulching in winter, had been incorporated into model. Then we had compared model se with the observation data from a Lei bamboo flux tower. The 81159 and observed results had achieved good consistency. Our simulated Lei bamboo forest yearly net ecosystem productivity NEP was 0. And the monthly simulated results can take the change of carbon budget in each month, similar to the data we got from flux tower. It reflects that the dw IBIS model can characterize the growth of bamboo forest and perform the simulation well.

And then two groups of simulations were set to evaluate effects 1919 cultivative managements on Lei bamboo forests carbon budget. And results showed that both fertilization and organic oei had taken positive effects on Lei bamboo forests carbon sequestration.

Federal Register, Environmental Policy Act to be included in a recommendation or report on a legislative proposal to Congress The Freudian subject and the Maoist mind: Although written in vastly different cultural contexts and periods, Hermine Hug-Hellmuth’s “Diary of a Young Girl” and Lei Feng’s “The Diary of Lei Feng” both to a large extent were written as concept pieces, with the goal of illustrating specific theories of the self.

In the case of Hug-Hellmuth, the underlying theory is the Freudian sexualized unconscious mind, whereas for Lei Feng, it is Maoist revolutionary optimism. Additionally, both diaries have unusually strong inauthentic or ‘fake’ aspects. Although Leu never admitted to writing 819 diary, most critics believed it came from her pen. Lei Feng’s diary was revised through 191 own attempts to present himself as politically leo, by editors, and through successive political movements that focused on the person behind the diary and made him one of the most widely-recognized figures in China.

As such, the diaries are excellent windows into powerful and long-lasting ideological constructs. Both Yun Tie-qiao and Lu Yuan- lei are medical professionals coming from the literary field with versatile and in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in medical education and clinical practice, all closely related to modern TCM development.

Yun, the elder, insisted on reforming TCM and was early to advocate the academic idea of amalgamating western and traditional Chinese medicine; while Lu, the younger, insisted on the idea of “scientizing TCM” and was the representative of amalgamating western and traditional Chinese medicine in the later stage.

They shared many common viewpoints, including venerating Zhang Zhongjing, stressing exogenous cold pathogens, advocating reformation and amalgamation of western medicine and TCM and objecting to the abolishment of TCM. 9191, there were discrepancies between them, including the relationship between the Inner Canon and the Essay on Exogenous Cold Diseases, warm disease theory, pulse theory, titles of TCM diseases and Japanese Kampo medicine.


A comparison of them and noting their valuable contributions leo be dr for the promotion of the development of TCM. There were kinds of medicines recorded in the book of Lei Gong’s Treatise on preparation and broiling of materia medica Leigong Paozhi Lun.

Among these medicines, medicines were prepared with adjuvant medicines, including general and special compatible adjuvant medicines.

These adjuvant medicines lri in this book can be explained by the theory of “seven-relation compatibility”. The author tried to explain the usage and their compatibility of these adjuvant medicines and put forward that attention should be paid to the changes in functions of medicines and the influences of society should be paid attention.

We report the results of a VAMAS Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards inter-laboratory study on the measurement of the shell thickness and chemistry of nanoparticle coatings.

Peptide-coated gold particles were supplied to laboratories in two forms: Careful data analysis revealed some significant sources of discrepancy, particularly for XPS. The calculation was performed using a model developed for uniform, flat films and some participants employed a correction factor to account for the sample geometry, which appears warranted based upon a simulation of LEIS data from one of the participants and comparison to the XPS results.

Depth profiling using surface sensitive analysis methods in combination with sputter ion etching is a common procedure for thorough material investigations, where clean surfaces free of any contamination are essential. Hence, surface analytic studies are mostly performed under ultra-high vacuum UHV conditions, but the cleanness of such UHV environments is usually overrated.

The investigations with modern, state-of-the-art equipment showed different behaviors for the metal surfaces in UHV during acquisition: The efficiency of different counter measures was tested and the acquired knowledge was finally used for ZnMgAl coated steel to obtain accurate depth profiles, which exhibited before serious artifacts when data acquisition was performed in an inconsiderate way.

Conselho Nacional de Arquivos

Lel variations of community structures and methane cycling across a transect of Lei -Gong-Hou mud volcanoes in eastern Taiwan. This study analyzed cored sediments retrieved from sites distributed across a transect of the Lei -Gong-Hou mud volcanoes in eastern Taiwan to uncover the spatial distributions of leii processes and community 191 involved in methane cycling.

The profiles of methane concentration and carbon isotopic composition revealed various orders of the predominance of specific methane-related metabolisms along depth. At a site proximal to the bubbling pool, the methanogenic zone was sandwiched by the anaerobic methanotrophic zones.

For two sites distributed toward the topographic depression, the methanogenic zone overlaid the anaerobic methanotrophic zone. Near-surface methanogenesis contributes to the methane emissions from mud platform.

The alternating arrangements of methanogenic and methanotrophic zones at different sites suggest that the interactions between 191 deposition, evaporation, oxidation and fluid transport modulate the lsi of microbial communities and methane cycling in different compartments of 1919 mud volcanoes.

Sunspots and the 19911 Law. Manchas Solares y la Ley de Newcomb-Benford. Manchas Solares e a Lei de Newcomb-Benford. The Newcomb-Benford’s Law LNB of first digits is introduced to high school students in an extracurricular activity through the study of sunspots. The LNB establishes that the first digits of various sets of data describing natural occurrences are not distributed uniformly, but according to a logarithmic distribution of probability.

The LNB is counter-intuitive and is a good example of how mathematics applied to the study of natural phenomena can provide surprising and unexpected results serving also as a motivating agent in the study of physical sciences. Tristan da Cunha Island. Tristan da Cunha is both a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic, and the main island. It is the most remote inhabited island group in the world, km from the nearest inhabited land.

Tristan has a population of about inhabitants, and is part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

In the eruption of Queen Mary’s Peak forced the evacuation of the entire population for two years. The image was acquired October 7,and is located at The da Vinci robot.

One might assume from the title of this paper that the nuances of a complex mechanical robot will be discussed, and this would be correct. On the other hand, the date of the design and possible construction of this robot wasa little more than five centuries ago.

The key point in the title is the lack of a trademarked name, as Leonardo was the designer of this sophisticated system. His notes from the Codex Altanticus represent the foundation of this report. English translations of da Vinci’s notebooks are currently available. Beginning in the s, investigators at the University of California began to ponder the significance of some of da Vinci’s markings on what appeared to be technical drawings.


Conselho Nacional de Arquivos – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Such markings also occur in his Codex Atlanticus the largest single collection of da Vinci’s sheets, consisting of separate pages and folios along with a large number of other mechanical devices. Continuing research at the Instituto dee Museo di Storia della Scienza in Florence has yielded a great deal of information about Leonardo’s intentions with regard to his mechanical knight.

It is now known that da Vinci’s robot would have had the outer appearance of a Germanic knight. It had a complex core of mechanical devices that probably was human powered.

The robot had two independent operating systems. The first had three degree-of-freedom legs, ankles, knees, and hips. The second had four degrees of freedom in the arms with articulated shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands.

A mechanical analog-programmable controller within the chest provided the power and control for the arms. The legs were powered by an external crank arrangement driving the cable, which connected to key locations near each lower extremity’s joints. Da Vinci also is known to have devised a programmable front-wheel-drive automobile with rack-and-pinion suspension mechanisms at age He would recall this device again, when, at age 40, he is thought to have built a programmable automated.

The da Vinci surgical system was developed by Intuitive Surgical Inc. Inthe Da Vinci system was first used for cardiothoracic procedures. Currently a combination of robot-assisted internal thoracic artery harvest together with coronary artery bypass grafting CABG through a mini-incision ThoraCAB or totally endoscopic procedures including anastomoses under robotic assistance TECAB are being conducted for the treatment of coronary artery diseases.

On the other hand, with the decrease in number of coronary artery bypass surgeries, the share of valvular surgeries is expected to increase in the future. Among them, mitral valvuloplasty for mitral regurgitation is anticipated to be conducted mainly by low-invasive procedures, represented by minimally invasive cardiac surgery MICS and robot-assisted surgery.

Apart from the intrinsic good surgical view, robotic-assisted systems offer additional advantages of the availability of an amplified view and the easy to observe the mitral valve in the physiological position.

Thus, robotic surgical surgeries that make complicated procedures easier are expected to accomplish further developments in the future.

Furthermore, while the number of surgeries for atrial septal defects has decreased dramatically following the widespread use of Amplatzer septal occluder, robotic surgery may become a good indication for cases in which the Amplatzer device is not indicated. In Japan, clinical trial of the da Vinci robotic system for heart surgeries has been completed. Statutory approval of the da Vinci system for mitral regurgitation and atrial septal defects is anticipated in the next few years.

In additional, at least 18 doors have been All DA 40 and DA 42 aeroplanes dd a system installed that In conventional stereopsis, the 1859 between two objects is computed based on the retinal disparity in the position of matching points in the two eyes. When an object is occluded by another object in the scene, so that it is visible only in one eye, its retinal disparity cannot be computed. Nakayama and Shimojo found that a precept of quantitative depth between the two objects could still be established for such stimuli and proposed that this precept is based on the constraints imposed by occlusion geometry.

They named this and other occlusion-based depth phenomena ” da Vinci stereopsis. However, Nakayama and Shimojo’s findings were later 88159 into question by Gillam, Cook, and Blackburnwho suggested that quantitative depth in their stimuli was perceived based on conventional disparity.

In order to understand whether da Vinci stereopsis relies on one type of mechanism or whether its function is stimulus dependent we examine the nature and source of depth in the class of stimuli used by Nakayama and Shimojo