Written in by Leopoldina Fortunati, this rigorous account of reproductive labor under capitalism has long been underappreciated within. The Arcane of Reproduction Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital by Leopoldina Fortunati. Reviewed by Kersplebedeb. This is important. Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital [Leopoldina Fortunati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Italy’s.

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Return to Book Page. But then in chapter 13 she leopildina it clear, and eloquently so: Worr rated it it was amazing Jun 14, I don’t think she’s wrong about reproduction being the non-value that produces value, but there are only small fortujati near the end of what would have made this book exciting and complete to me.

This elasticity has also come about in consequence of women making more cash-oriented as opposed to goods-oriented agreements with men. She produces it as part of the housework process in order to produce a commodity, labor-power.

Indeed, the way in which we empathize with those we are closest to thf more likely to lead to feelings of solidarity and a greater awareness of how other people are exploited or oppressed in ways that would otherwise be invisible to us. More work is necessary to transform these use-values into use-values that are effectively usable, i. This money reproductino not function as capital for him, although in the first two cases it also buys the work done as a commodity, it only functions as money, as a means of circulation.

The Arcane of Reproduction by Leopoldina Fortunati – Reviewed by Kersplebedeb

But surely the differences between individuals’ consumption of non-material use-values have a far more concrete basis. The proof of this lies in his assumption that the history of white male adult labor-power is synonymous with the the liberation of the entire working class, or, if not synonymous, at least representative of the main trend. Not only is it naturalized, but it must remain naturalized. Not the all-conquering revolutionary, the master tactician who always ….

It is not surprising that just as these struggles developed, becoming important battlefields for the feminist movement, other struggles were also taking place: While these aspects of the capitalist totality are insufficiently theorized by Marxists, they are absolutely imperative to understanding the reproducibility of a system based upon the accumulation of value and the exploitation of wage-labor. Unfortunately, by starting from the position that emotional and physical nurturing is nothing but exploitation by capitalism, Fortunati puts herself in a position where it is difficult to evaluate or support some of the most important anti-patriarchal initiatives developed by women, queers, teenagers and others who are most oppressed by the traditional nuclear family.


I’d recommend part one to other people who like to geek out about gendered labor and to Marxist and anarchist feminists who want citations for why ‘radical’ feminists’ carceral attempts to abolish the sex industry outside A formal economic explanation of reproductive labor, complete with equations.

In addition, while addressing that which is not directly mediated by the market, she relegates arfane labor to a sphere outside of the capitalist market. Chonti Valenzuela sauder rated it it was amazing Mar 03, It may have cracks, but it is basically sticking together, this lumbering seamless working class, which is supposed to include everyone from airline pilots flying jumbo jets to teenage girls working in Third World sweatshops.

Author of the article Maya Gonzalez is a member of Viewpoint. This reproduction, and therefore this sphere of activity, is as relevant and historically specific a Marxist category as labor-power itself — regardless of its content as social substance.

It is here that we strike the heart of the demand for housework wages. The conclusion that the reproduction of labor-power arccane value-productive can be understood as a political one, necessary in its historical moment and within the heritage of Italian workerism.

The Arcane of Reproduction Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital by Leopoldina Fortunati Reviewed by Kersplebedeb This is important, and yet… Ideas — ones that need to be chewed over, and sometime spat out in rejection. Oct 21, Valerie Baber rated it did not like it Shelves: Laura Marx rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Yet even assuming this is so, that Fortunati would agree with this extention of her argument, i still see problems on the horizon….

Its value, like that of every other commodity is already determined before it enters into circulation, for a definite quantity of social labor has already been spent on the production of labor power.

On the one hand, many of today’s prostitutes are also housewives and vice versa, to such a degree that passing between the housework and sexwork market–between one productive sector and another–has become very elastic. Especially leopolina this reason, I hope to contribute to making this text understood, by breaking its system down into component parts and performing a brief reassemblage.

Penguin, We might qualify this, though Fortunati does not explicitly, C-M…R eproduction …C, and so on throughout the course of rrproduction and years. Karl Marx, CapitalVolume 1trans. These questions, expertly addressed throughout The Arcane of Reproductionare at the heart of Marxist-Feminist interpretations.


Quotes from The Arcane of Reproduction

Going beyond any historical judgement of what capitalism has represented, its continuing existence today means barbarism, not only because it represents the theft of non-waged work from women–who are obliged to live in isolation, semi-dependent on men–but also because it is the theft of non-waged work from the man.

Often intellectuals lepoldina this tradition insist that regardless of divisions within it, the working class is in fact unitary. Refresh and try again.

So in relationships which are either good i. As Dalla Costa put it bluntly: Of course, this cost for capitalism is more than made up for by the incredible benefits it gets from the exploitation of women both in the family and in the lowest paying jobs, both of which come as part of the same big patriarchal package deal. Preview — Arcane of Reproduction by Leopoldina Fortunati. If living labor is expended through the process of production, and this is also the process of its consumptionthen it must logically already exist as a use-value prior to the process of production.

It is worth repeating this in plain english, because it has important consequences. This is unfortunate, because if it is meant to only be an examination of the western european experience it would be good to say so, especially given how Fortnati does explicitly acknowledge that different sections of the global?

Leopoldina Fortunati Chapter 3 p. Whether just in the form of a demand, or through recognition won through the institution of that perhaps impossible demand, its function was to rid gendered exploitation of its emotional connotations, and thus combat the structural devaluation of reproductive labor in capitalist social relations. In this sense struggles to delay adulthood — to postpone marriage, to postpone work, to postpone military conscription — have two sides to then: This work will inevitably fall upon women, because as Fortunati has demonstrated, work outside of direct market mediation is biologically assigned to women.

So the concept production uses the instrumental definition of technology whereas the term reproduction more so aligns with the anthropological definition.