God didn t intend for us to carry around the luggage of betrayal pain and woundedness. The freedom we long for es through forgiveness not revenge. Maybe. Find Nooma DVD Pack #2 Luggage / Dust / Bullhorn / Lump / Rhythm / Matthew, Volumes at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Nooma is a revolutionary product that is changing the way people experience spirituality – a series of short films on DVD with a 32 page discussion guide. It’s not.

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I can control the situation. God didn’t create you to carry that stuff around.

It’s like the cross is God’s way of saying: I have to hope that good comes their way, ’cause if I’m still unable to wish them well and wish them good, then I’m really just waiting for them to get punished, and I really I mean, what does it look like for you to just let it go?

So even when it comes to doing the right thing, like in this case, forgiveness, there is this paranoia that if they step out of line at all, God’s, like, waiting there to squash them.

I mean, have you really ever gotten revenge and then felt good about yourself? There is no judgment.

I can’t forgive them for what they did. There is no list of wrongs. This person wronged me, and I can’t turn it over to You, because I don’t know what You’re gonna do here.

Or maybe, like, just a business partner who took the money and ran, or a relative who abused you or a friend who, like, turned on you, and it’s like you try not think about it, but then if you’re like me, then you end luhgage thinking about it more than ever, and it’s like you want to put this stuff behind us.

I mean, I don’t want what somebody else did to me to determine what my life is gonna be luggae, do you?

But we need to forgive, and we need to start today. If I’m still carrying all that stuff around, it’s a miserable way to live. But think about revenge. It’s like God was right there.


I mean, forgiving is an action. But this isn’t the kind of picture that Jesus paints of God. And after a while, these bags get heavy, don’t they?

It’s because revenge doesn’t work, does it?

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I don’t know how painful it is, or how heavy it is, or how long you’ve been carrying it around, but my question, or I think our question, is always: I mean, revenge is really saying to God: We need to do it today. And they can end up making the journey exhausting. Like completely crazy things ’cause we were just so bent on revenge and evening the score, and revenge doesn’t satisfy, does it?

We want to be alive and healthy, and whole. But sometimes forgiving is remembering, and some people are gonna keep returning to their vomit, and we don’t have to be there when they do.

I haven’t forgiven them. It just gets ugly really fast, and she leaves in tears every time. He says he used to have, like, golf balls in luggave glove compartment of his car. It’s like you can’t shake it and can’t leave it behind, so then eventually what happens is revenge becomes our only hope, and we aren’t free. There is this proverb in the Bible that says: Like, I don’t know what you’re carrying around.

LUGGAGE – Rob Bell – NOOMA with English subtitles (closed captions) and transcript

May you give to others what’s been given to you. I was talking to this girl I know the other day, this friend of mine, and part way through our conversation, she’s like: It’s like you think you’re over it, you think you’re okay, you think it’s in the past and then lgugage either run into the nokma or you run into something that reminds you of them and what they did to you, and then it all comes back like worse than ever, and it’s like you thought you were over it, but now you’re more into it than ever, and the wound lgugage, like, re-opened, and it hurts more than ever, and then it becomes a day or a week or 10 years later, and now it’s become like a part of you.


Because when I forgive somebody, and I set them free, it’s like I’m really setting myself free. Maybe the real point of forgiveness isn’t other people. So whatever was done to you, whatever wrong was done to any of us, God saw it. It’s ’cause, like, revenge But maybe it was somebody that you really loved, or that you still love, and they left you.

So may you forgive as you’ve been forgiven. Some people, we may not even be able to be around them. I mean, that might be how God gets their attention. And may you do it today, because you might not have the chance tomorrow.

And this guy, he’s, like, still wearing his wedding ring, and he’s got kind of the hopeful, you know, “Hey, we’re gonna make it through this” kind of feeling. Because forgiving isn’t always forgetting, like in the healthiest of relationships, somebody wrongs the other person, and then they let it go, and they move on, and it’s no big deal. God created you to be free, like, free from bitterness, free from rage, and anger, and revenge.

They’re big, and serious, and deep wounds. Revenge is like part of our world, isn’t it? And my one friend starts telling this story. And so to forgive is to let it go, is to set them free, is to give up on the desire for revenge, but, ultimately, to really forgive somebody, I have to actually wish them well.

If he’s hitting you, or you’re being abused, you need to get out, and you need to get out now, because some people, toxic dangerous people, they may need to live with the consequences of what they’ve done.