Petrik said: Brilliant is an understatement, The Bonehunters is a leviathan of a masterpiece in conve The Bonehunters (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #6). The Bonehunters: Book Six of The Malazan Book of the Fallen [Steven Erikson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Seven Cities. Welcome to the Malazan Re-read of the Fallen! Every post will start off with a summary of events, followed by reaction and commentary by your.

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And he uses dishonorable means to poison Kalam.

I really loved Bonehunters. Meanwhile, Onearm’s Host, restored boneunters the favour of Empress Laseen, has landed on Seven Cities ‘ north coast to complete the task of subduing the rebellion, but a deadly plague has been unleashed.

Dubray Books. The Bonehunters: Malazan Book of Fallen 6

This item is currently out of stock. Cotillion then leaves the dragons, with Edgewalker following, who acknowledges that he underestimated him and may be malszan to give support to bonehhunters Cotillion’s cause. So, I came to grips with that fact a long time ago. How the heck do you write a review for a mega book like this? I stated this all throughout my updates, but this is by far the best book in the series, so far.

Trivia About The Bonehunters And I’ve promised to read another book for a group I’m in.

The Bonehunters: Malazan Book of Fallen 6

There were so many climaxes in this book, so many great scenes, the punches kept on coming, battle after battle, from large scale to one on one.

Bohehunters informs Cutter that Heboric has gone off in trail of a spring and Cutter decides to get him. As long as the book was, the pacing was almost spot on. The fourth was a monkey spank. All this will bring us to a convergence that will spill over and race through the streets and mxlazan of the Empire’s spiritual heart, leaving us out of breath in a show down of Tooth and Claw, Assassin and Foot Soldier, Blood and Poison, Shadow and Chaos.


The Bonehunters begins two months after the events of House of Chains. Horizon painted with smokes, palpable emotions and atmosphere; Erikson is a genius and he was able to inflict a massive amount of impact just by putting one short closing sentence in his chapters such as: If definitely succeeded in closing this chapter and setting up events to come in the next book. Why, no-one, and what found its way free was no friend to the living.

On which side is the Queen of Dreams? Plus, seeing all the world-building sprawled in the previous installments started to converge in one book was one heck of a rewarding experience. The basis has been laid, the necessary history lessons have passed the revue and now we really get to it.

The war of the Gods. And it was all too late. Finally no new races, places, characters in the beginning; ,alazan jumps right in the middle of action.

Here is the stunning new chapter in Steven Erikson magnificent ‘Malazan Book of the Fallen’ – hailed an epic of the imagination and acknowledged as a fantasy classic in the making. It carries up armfuls of rotting fruit and it spends the morning dropping them on people in the streets below. Can’t wait to see how this all turns out!

Again backbone of this book are interesting character and they are better than ever. Why can’t we, fellow Americans? My favorite one in the series so far, so much going on.

The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson

Imagine all those Holy Books, not one of them agreeing on anything, yet all of them purporting to be the word of that one god. When I’m done with this series, I may have to go back and re-do my ratings for the individual books. And beware the slayer of children! Of everything that is wrong in it. Best one so far.


All others will strive to live up to the world created in the Book of the Fallen.

The Bonehunters/Dramatis Personae

They’re a fabulous pair and seeing the ways that their stories went made me worry for them all the more. They are bonehunteds “A war is coming.

I did this for some other series, rereading the series as each new book came out. This book just has convergence after convergence. The character list from the front of the book and also from the wiki page. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I suppose, is Quick Ben.

So much so that I wish we could start the next book right where we’re leaving off, but this is Malazan so I’m pretty sure I’ll be waiting until at least book 8 to get some resolution. The last two chapters are a tour de force. The pieces of the board are moving in new directions. Karsa responds by throwing one of the guards into a cart, knocking him unconscious.

Clare and Bowen, as always. What is their aim, to what use are we to their emperor, I cannot say. He don’t like assassins. Imagine getting prayers from ten million believers, not one of them believing the same thing as the one kneeling beside him or her.

Apr 25, Duffy Pratt rated it it was amazing Shelves: